ARKADO – Never Say Never (2020)

ARKADO - Never Say Never (2020) full

AOR Heaven Records will release at the end of the month “Never Say Never“, the debut album by ARKADO. The band hails from Sweden and plays melodic rock / AOR without compromises.
Their first ever full-length release in thirty-seven years of ‘band history’ (of which the band didn’t exist for the most part) is full of melodies and versatile arrangements. A great Eighties-style record… from 2020.

Arkado were founded in 1983 in Ödåkra (near Helsingborg), Sweden.
Originally, the band was called BB2 (Better Be Together), and they recorded a vinyl single which became the hymn of the football club Ödåkra IF and is still played there at every match.
Since then they played occasional gigs, while busy with other projects.

In May 2018, BB2 played a sold out live concert in Helsingborg, and in August of the same year, the band added some new members.
The ‘new’ band was named ARKADO which is back to front for their hometown Ödåkra, and now presents its first full-length AOR album.

Let alone the mighty “Don’t Rape The Nature“ shine. Also the emotional “My Hometown“ is a true highlight as well as midtempo “So Fine“, a classic AOR ballad.
“Never Say Never“ will delight fans of ROULETTE, SAPPHIRE EYES or AGE OF REFLECTION, too.

An acoustic version of the title track ends the album with a sweet touch, showcasing these songs were written old-school, just with a guitar / piano at hand, and ARKADO made them huge with a bombastic instrumentation / production.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – So Bad
02 – To Leave it all Behind
03 – Never say Never
04 – Don’t rape the Nature
05 – Walk your way
06 – If We Are to Last
07 – My Hometown
08 – She’s So fine
09 – Eagle
10 – Carry my Heart
11 – Never say Never Again (acoustic version)

Philip Lindstrom (vocals, guitar)
Martin Kirschner (guitar)
Mats Nilsson (guitar)
Mikael Svensson (keyboards, backing vocals)
Bernt Lundgren (bass)
Mikael Skafar (drums, backing vocals)



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