SWEET TEAZE ‎- Do It Till It Hurtz +10 [Remastered 2019]

SWEET TEAZE ‎- Do It Till It Hurtz +10 [Remastered 2019] full

Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with 80s Hard Rockers SWEET TEAZE to unleash 2 albums in one. We’ve got 21 smokin’ tracks from the boys included on the 2019 Remastered Reissue of ‘Do It Till It Hurtz’, ready for its 30th Anniversary.
We have here the 1989 fully remastered plus 10 tracks from the band’s unreleased second effort. Despite their name, SWEET TEAZE has much more in common with Keel or Tora Tora than the glammy / sleazy style from the era.

This band was good and deserved better luck. There’s some memorable LA glammy hard rock moments here from the get go with the instantly catchy title track ‘Do It Till It Hurtz’ as well as “Groovin'” and “Don’t Kick Me When I’m Down”.
But don’t think they can only Rock as they deliver some seriously great power ballads in the form of “How Do You Say Goodbye” and “Broken Heart”.

The second album songs are in the similar vein musically, a bit more bluesy hard rock according to the era, however with a party factor present as well. The sound quality is fine.
A very good slice of rocking LA 1989 glam hard rock, a cult album among fans of the genre now augmented with unreleased material
Highly Recommended


01. Do It Till It Hurtz
02. Pink Peru
03. Drive Me Crazy
04. Little Bit of Everything
05. How Do You Say Goodbye
06. Living On The Edge
07. Street Wize
08. Turn Out The Lights
09. The Fool
10. One Night To Love
11. Horse Thief
12. Groovin’
13. Don’t Kick Me When I’m Down
14. Broken Heart
15. Slippin’ Away
16. Can’t Take No More
17. Criminal Attraction
18. Borrowed Time
19. Can’t Find It
20. Never Was A Good Boy
21. Heartless Woman

Bass Guitar, Keyboards – Mike “Snake” Edwards
Drums – Dave Press
Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Raymond Jay Eveland
Lead Vocals – Matt Matthews



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  1. Jimmy Marinos says:

    Local guys to me, okay draw, not as big as they claim. They would boast about their manager putting them out “on tour” a lot, but really they were playing the cover scenes of the states surrounding Michigan.

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