RUDY CARDENAS – Fly (Waiting For Monday vocalist solo album) *EXCLUSIVE*

RUDY CARDENAS - Fly (Waiting For Monday vocalist solo album) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Now this a real find: RUDY CARDENAS, the vocalist for the very good debut album by WAITING FOR MONDAY featured here few days ago, has released a solo album some time ago titled “Fly”. Among Rudy numerous projects, he’s the lead sing for the long standing American JOURNEY tribute band ‘Lights’… so expect material in this style. Rudy even does an acoustic version of ‘I’ll Be Alright (Without You)’ from ‘Raised On Radio’.

Originally from Venezuela, South America, Rudy knew he was meant to be on stage from a very young age. Beginning with his first church musical at age 5, he was never afraid to take the spotlight. He was in every band and choir possible from middle school through high school and studied the saxophone for 7 years.
Rudy pursued his study of music and graduated with a degree in vocal performance from the University of Northern Colorado.

Rudy eventually moved to New York City where he started working in the the theatre and club scene. After only a month in the big city he landed the role of Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar and shortly after Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show.
Then for five years Rudy has been the power alto for the multi-award winning vocal group M-Pact who was named vocal group of the year at the 2005.

But Rudy Cardenas really got nationwide and international exposure as one of American Idol’s top 24 contestants, Season 6. Two songs from his performance there are included here as extra.

Rudy is a versatile vocalist, by his favorite genre is Classic Rock from the 70s / 80s.
Since several years ago he became the lead vocalist for the experimented, Neal Schon-approved JOURNEY Tribute Band ‘Lights’. His tenor pipes bring to mind the great Steve Perry indeed, however Rudy has his own style and phrasing.

The songs on “Fly” are all pretty 80s oriented, radio friendly songs much in the style of JOURNEY’s Raised On Radio album, and of course, Steve Perry solo albums from the 80s.
Just check the opener video-track ‘Taking The Easy Way Out’ above for a proof.
Great stuff, unknown release brought to you courtesy of 0dayrox…

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01 – Taking The Easy Way Out
02 – Let Me
03 – Lullaby
04 – Near Perfect Love Song
05 – Wait For Me
06 – Tell Me That You’re Ready
07 – Fly
08 – Everything
09 – Distracted
10 – I’ll Be Alright (Without You) [Journey acoustic cover]
11 – The Last Thing
12 – Turnaround



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