NIKKI PUPPET – Into The Wild (2020)

NIKKI PUPPET - Into The Wild (2020) full

German melodic hard rockers NIKKI PUPPET are releasing tomorrow their new effort titled “Into The Wild“. The foursome line up is fairly divided in terms of gender, with front woman Nicky Gronewold as well as newcomer and Regine Hellmann on bass, who was part of 80s cult band Rosy Vista (featured here some time ago). Then there’s guitarist Christos Mamalitsidis (who is depicted on the really strange album cover in a ‘Electric Cowboy’ style riding backwards on a donkey) and returning founding member drummer Kai Paulmann are their male partners.

Musically, Nikki Puppet’s melodic hard rock reminds me of the style Rosy Vista indeed, perhaps some (Gudrun) Laos, and a bit of Doro Pesch more commercial side.
“Valentino” is one of the best numbers here, and instant melodic riff-driven tune with a catchy chorus. Other songs like “Living A Lie” or “Electrify” are punchier, yet always melodious.

If you read above I mentioned Nikki Puppet’s comparison to other female fronted bands, and all have in common its German origin. Nikki Puppet sounds unmistakable German melodic hard rock.
The way the riffs are assembled, Nicky Gronewold’s accent and the overall sound – inspired by the 80s but modernized – makes you think about Teutonic MHR.
Good stuff.


01 – Shadows And Lies
02 – Valentino (I Should Have Known)
03 – Sunset
04 – Personality
05 – Into The Wild
06 – Living A Lie
07 – Crazy, Stupid, Wild
08 – Electrify
09 – The Day Before You Came
10 – The Kidnapping Of Alpha Male
11 – Silent Symphony

Nicky Gronewold – lead vocals
Regine Hellmann – bass, backing vocals
Christos Mamalitsidis – guitars
Kai Paulmann – drums


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