ARCHON ANGEL (feat Zak Stevens) – Fallen (2020)

ARCHON ANGEL (feat Zak Stevens) - Fallen (2020) full

Despite it’s ‘metal’ cover artwork, I can see why Frontiers Music will be releasing “Fallen“, the debut album by ARCHON ANGEL; this is an extremely melodic, perfectly crafted & produced melodic metal collection of songs with a strong groovy hard rock presence as well.
Most of you will know lead vocalist Zak Stevens from his stint with Savatage. He shine here, but also his instrumentalist partners.

I simply can’t get enough of the song “The Serpent”, which is the second track on the album. The drumbeat is heavy and uncompromising with a guitar sound that adds a menacing element. While it’s definitely my favorite track on ‘Fallen’, there are lots of great songs to choose from.

For instance, title track “Fallen” has a really memorable sound and lyrically is just as appealing. Other standout tracks include “Hit The Wall”, “Under The Spell”, Twilight and “Brought To The Edge”.
Those who like powerful ballads will find “Faces Of Innocence” and “Brought To The Edge” to be everything they’re looking for and more.

Archon Angel packs many memorable things as unit; great musicianship, very strong songwriting abilities, a sense for a good melody, but above all, good taste.
I mean, there’s no ‘by numbers’ riffs and structures here on “Fallen”, no pedestrian arrangements. Everything is polished with attention to detail not diminishing the bite.
Add to that a top class production & mix, and you have a winner here.

Seriously, I resulted really surprised by Archon Angel and their stupendous debut album.
Highly Recommended


01. Fallen
02. The Serpent
03. Rise
04. Under The Spell
05. Twilight
06. Faces Of Innocence
07. Hit The Wall
08. Who’s In The Mirror
09. Brought To The Edge
10. Return Of The Storm

Zak Stevens – vocals
Aldo Lonobile – guitars
Yves Campion – bass
Marco Lazzarini – drums
Antonio Agate – keyboards



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