SINFUL KIXX – Midnight Fantasy [Digitally Remastered]

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] full

SINFUL KIXX were another glam / melodic hard band that never made it big, but for sure had the songs. Their indie release “Midnight Fantasy” has been digitally remastered by Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records to deliver some over the top early ’90s glam metal / melodic hard rock right to your door.

Here’s one of those band’s that was, at one point, fetching upwards of $1200 for a CDr copy of their original ’92 indie release. Thanks to Demon Doll Records, now we have a quality silver pressed official release remastered from the master tapes, and available at a decent price.

These sinners weren’t rocking the Sunset Strip bars, as in fact they were from UK, but perfectly learned the lesson of how to cook good, catchy melodic hard rock tunes.
Part Slaughter, part Tigertailz, part Warrant, the band slams the sledgehammer down with tracks like “Midnight Fantasy”, “Dead Or Alive”, the power ballad “Once In a Lifetime” and the sure to have been radio favorite “Sinners Boulevard”.

A few listens to this album will have everyone lighting up a pack of smokes and hitting the liquor store for the that sweet bottle of Jack Daniels.

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017) back

Sounding pretty American but with that special British melodic touch – check out the melodic hard rock oriented “Inside of Me” – Sinful Kixx shows solid musicianship and a bunch of very catchy songs.
If you love your glammy melodic hard rock with some attitude and a whole lot of catchiness, “Midnight Fantasy” will delight your ears for sure.
Highly Recommended


01 – Midnight Fantasy
02 – Dead Or Alive
03 – Sinners Boulevard
04 – Watcha Gonna Do
05 – Alright All Night
06 – Breakin’ Out
07 – Only Child
08 – Shootin’ You Down
09 – Askin’ Myself Why
10 – Too Much Fame

Vocals – DD Foxx
Guitars – Ian Michael
Drums – Gary Hunt
Bass – AJ



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have the Heavy Pettin – Big Bang reissue?

  2. Ed Marks says:

    Thanks for this SINFUL KIXX I’ve heard that it is awesome! Could you get the VENGEANCE – POWER OF THE ROCK – ANTHOLOGY 1983-98 CD set?

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