RAGDOLL – Rewound (Remastered & Remixed)

RAGDOLL – Rewound (Remastered & Remixed) full

As requested, here’s Aussie melodic rockers RAGDOLL album “Rewound (Remastered & Remixed)“, the European release (via Lion’s Pride Music) of their EP’s ‘Here Today’ (Remastered) and ‘Ragdoll Rock EP’ (Remixed) into one CD.

This Perth based power melodic rock trio RAGDOLL have jumped several steps in the evolutionary process as unit from some time now. The band played extensively overseas and their musicianship has grown in the same proportion as their popularity has increased.

This is classic melodic rock blended with Eeighties-influenced hard rock in a style which belongs to big arenas. “Here Today” blasts out of the blocks with some bombastic guitar riffs and a chorus that prompts me to liken it to the band Extreme who have that undefinable ‘something’ in their sound, song delivery and arrangements.

The canvas is large: the sonics are distinctly modern, the musicianship tight as can be, but above all there’s that feeling of timelessness, like a marriage of the best modern instrumentation but with reverence and respect for classic rock traditions, and that’s both unusual and refreshing in a young band.

“Tell Me” is harder, immediate and catchy, and then we have the ballad “Could It Be Love” which is like one of the best ballads Gotthard never wrote. It’s the type of song they used to make back in the ’80s when a ballad was essential on any rock album except here it’s gloriously brought up to date.

“Heaven Above” is a 7 minute opus that puts the band capabilities as musicians well and truly on show, with a 3 minute outro from guitarist Leon Todd. “Overnight Sensation” not only shares the title with the famous Firehouse song, structurally reminds them as well but sonically this is much more harder, a party fun track.
“Foot To The Floor” does exactly what title says: a balls out rocker showing that Ragdoll knows how craft a tune with instant appeal, and it has a simplicity and a drive that will have you singing along and banging your head in appreciation.

“The Feeling” proves that you can write about the state of the planet within the confines of a sublime melody not a world away from giants like Foreigner, and it’s here where singer (and bassist) Rafferty cuts loose in fine Lou Gramm style making you wonder just what his voice can’t do.
He does get to show his mellow introspective side on the slower atmospheric tale of regret at a one night stand that is “Ashamed”, a track that hints at the real depth of the band.

“In My Mind” is perhaps Ragdoll’s most radio friendly tune with an almost insatiable melody that has cross-over appeal written all over it. It’s melodic and poppy, but carried along by a strong lead vocal and a bank of backing vocals that layer the chorus before the guitar kicks back in.
The disc is completed with live takes of this year’s shows as the recently composed “Rewind Your Mind”, a hot version of “Tell Me”, the dynamic and moving “All I Want” and “Foot to the Floor”.

RAGDOLL - Ragdoll Rewound - inside

If you like your melodic hard rock served with healthy energy, then Ragdoll deliver the goods and is guaranteed to satisfy your thirst.
All the songs in “Ragdoll Rewound” are highly addictive, with a driving rock beat that is loaded with enough crunch to move your foundations and more hooks than a tackle box. Songs inspired on tradition but sounding thoroughly modern, with fresh ideas and a distinctive touch that really set them apart from the pack.
You better give Ragdoll a shot, you won’t be disappointed.
Highly Recommended


Here Today EP Remastered
01 – Here Today (Remastered)
02 – Tell Me (Remastered)
03 – Could It Be Love (Remastered)
04 – Heaven Above (Remastered)
05 – Overnight Sensation (Remastered)
Ragdoll Rock EP Re-mixed
06 – Foot to the Floor (Remixed)
07 – The Feeling (Remixed)
08 – Ashamed (Remixed)
09 – In My Mind (Remixed)
10 – Rewind Your Mind (New Track – played Live)
11 – All I Want (Live)
12 – Tell Me (Live)
13 – Foot to the Floor (Live)

Ryan Dash Rafferty – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Le’on Todd – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Cam Barrett – Drums, Backing Vocals


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