RAGDOLL – All I Want Is Everything + Early Days (Live at The Rosemount) + New Track 2019

RAGDOLL - All I Want Is Everything / Early Days (Live at The Rosemount) + New Track 2019

Perth, Western Australia based melodic hard rockers RAGDOLL pleasantly surprised early the past decade with a bunch of singles and popular YouTube videos. As requested, here’s the band first official EP “All I Want Is Everything”, and the show they recorded at The Rosemount venue in the early stage of their career, titled “Early Days (Live at The Rosemount)”.

Since they formed ten years ago, Ragdoll were influenced by the classic rock melody of all times, developing their sound into a distinctive modern delivery.
This is clear in opening track “All I Want” (you can see the video below), probably the most dynamic and moving track from the EP, carefully crafted to appeal both old school listeners of the genre as younger audiences.

“Astray” is very American sounding where a thick riff and a melodious vocal line dominates the scene. Guitarist Le’on Todd songwriting just seems to have so much more depth this time around and it seems he’s find the perfect balance between showing off his formidable fretboard skills and creating music that is both immediate and memorable.

“Irreplaceable” is the EP’s lighter moment, a wonderful tune that somehow recalls Harem Scarem and really showcases Ryan Dash Rafferty’s vocals. It’s a kind of song that sticks and makes you feel what only the best Rock Music can give you: that feeling of a summer night under the stars.
I thought only Harry Hess could write like this!

Things return to a rocking territory with the sharp riff of “Break You”. There’s a stadium live vibe all over, a ‘broken’ chorus to rise your fist and a great Nuno Bettencourt-inspired guitar solo.
Closing track “Self Censored” has the kitchen sink, with a guitar refrain that steps foot in some British acts. It’s the most experimental track here accompanied by personal lyrics.
But it’s also lush and wonderfully melodic, so much so that it really matters little that it isn’t constructed upon a huge hook, it’s much more subtle a beast than that.

Ragdoll is working in new material right now, and we can hear the new single titled “Rust”, groovier and darker than the band’s previous effort. Good stuff.
It’s interesting to hear as well “Early Days (Live at The Rosemount)” to taste how Ragdoll sound alive, raw & powerful yet still melodious.

On “All I Want Is Everything” Ragdoll showcased their constant, rock-solid evolution: the guys refined and polished songwriting & musicianship, took the best of what they’ve done before and not content to repeat it, they have built on it.
If you love your melodic rock inspired on tradition but sounding thoroughly modern, you should check Ragdoll pronto. This is a band with fresh ideas and a distinctive touch that really set them apart from the pack.
Highly Recommended


All I Want Is Everything EP
01 – All I Want
02 – Astray
03 – Irreplaceable
04 – Break You
05 – Self Censored
06 – Rust (New Track 2019)

Early Days (Live at the Rosemount)
01 – Overnight Sensation (Live at the Rosemount)
02 – Slip Slip (Live at the Rosemount)
03 – In My Mind (Live at the Rosemount)
04 – Here Today (Live at the Rosemount)
05 – Pizza Box (Live at the Rosemount)
06 – Ashamed (Live at the Rosemount)
07 – Foot to the Floor (Live at the Rosemount)
08 – The Feeling (Live at the Rosemount)

Ryan Dash Rafferty – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Le’on Todd – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Cam Barrett – Drums, Backing Vocals



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