MOTLEY CRUE – Dr. Feelgood [Japan SHM-CD MiniLP / Ltd 2-Disc]

MOTLEY CRUE - Dr. Feelgood [Japan SHM-CD MiniLP / Ltd 2-Disc] full

MOTLEY CRUE very much defined the ’80s. Californian hard rock glammy style. And one reader requested some of their most celebrated records in a remastered form pressed on High Quality Japanese SHM-CD, this special edition including a bonus disc. “Dr. Feelgood” is Mötley Crüe’s more ‘glossy’ record ever, overproduced to some people’s judgement. Not for me, I am a sucker for this kind of ‘bombastic’, huge Eighties sound. It was 1989, and this year says a lot.

Five albums into their career, Mötley Crüe were unapologetically obsessed with crafting the kind of sticky, sleazy hard rock that defined MTV hair metal and hooked the masses like steaming bowls of salty buttered popcorn.
“Dr. Feelgood”, which came out Sept. 1, 1989, was basically the Crüe’s take on mega-polished late ’80s Aerosmith-style stadium rock, a sound to become a staple for the genre in the 89-91 period like in Damn Yankees’ debut for example.

To achieve this goal, the group was under a new regime in Vancouver: producer Bob Rock, whose ruthless commitment to the music put the band under a level of scrutiny it had never experienced.
The album, which was performed with inexhaustible energy and brimmed over with giant-sized hooks, even featured Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler in “Sticky Sweet” and the intro to “Slice of Your Pie.”

Nikki Sixx wrote most of the songs for “Dr. Feelgood” after going through rehab and getting clean and sober, and tracks like “Dr. Feelgood” (about dope dealers who provide the perfect fix) and the catchy “Kickstart My Heart” (which Sixx wrote after surviving an overdose) are perfect examples of an artist writing about what he knows.
“Slice of Pie” and “She Goes Down” exposed the other side of the debauchery-fueled Mötley playbook. But “Dr. Feelgood” isn’t just a filth-fueled recipe for a raging party, it’s full of the band’s most focused material and loaded with choruses as infectious as an STD.

Other standout tracks on the record include “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” and “Same Ol’ Situation,” which features backup vocals by Night Ranger’s Jack Blades.
Bob Rock’s production played a large role in the ‘enjoyability’ of “Dr. Feelgood”. Instead of giving the band a glammy sheen as Tom Werman did on the previous albums, Rock EQ’d the guitars with ample low-end and plenty of midrange so even the sing-songy numbers sounded more ‘classic rock’. And the band weren’t afraid to compliment boozy, blues-inspired numbers with syrupy ballads like the strong “Without You”.

By mid-October, the record had topped the album charts giving Mötley Crüe their first No. 1 LP and beginning an incredible streak of success that would grow to include five rock radio hits, four Top 40 singles and millions of copies of Dr. Feelgood sold.
The fun all started with the album’s monster title track and first single, which peaked at an impressive No. 6 on the pop charts — a new high for the band.
A Classic


Disc 1 : Dr. Feelgood remastered SHM-CD
01 – T.n.T. (Terror’n Tinseltown)
02 – Dr. Feelgood
03 – Slice Of Your Pie
04 – Rattlesnake Shake
05 – Kickstart My Heart
06 – Without You
07 – Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
08 – Sticky Sweet
09 – She Goes Down
10 – Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
11 – Time For Change

Disc 2 : Bonus Tracks
01 – Dr. Feelgood (demo)
02 – Without You (demo)
03 – Kickstart My Heart (demo)
04 – Get It for Free
05 – Time For Change (demo)
06 – Girls, Girls, Girls (live)
07 – Red Hot (live)
08 – All In The Name Of Rock (live)
09 – Dr. Feelgood (live)

Vince Neil – vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, shakers
Mick Mars – guitars, backing vocals
Nikki Sixx – bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Tommy Lee – drums, percussion, backing vocals
additional musicians:
Bob Rock – bass (11), background vocals (2, 4, 8, 9)
John Webster – keyboards & programming
Ian Putz, Ross Gregory, Henry Christian – horns

Steven Tyler – background vocals (8), intro (3)
Bryan Adams – background vocals (8)
Jack Blades – background vocals (7, 8)
Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen – background vocals (9)
Skid Row, Mike Amato, Toby Francis – background vocals (11)
Donna McDaniel, Emi Canyn, Marc LaFrance, David Steele – background vocals


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