GARY MOORE – Parisienne Walkways: The Collection [2-CD set] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

GARY MOORE - Parisienne Walkways: The Collection [2-CD set] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Released by BMG today (some territories next week), we’re presenting in exclusive at 0dayrox the new GARY MOORE double-CD set “Parisienne Walkways: The Collection”. Not to be confused with the single disc ‘Parisienne Walkways: The Blues Collection’ appeared almost twenty years ago and only focused into Gary’s blues era, this new 2020 2-CD set encompass all Moore’s career since the late Seventies, all remastered material.

Indeed, we find songs from Moore project G-Force like ‘Dancin’ or ‘Rockin’ and Rollin”, his metal years like 1983’s ‘Nuclear Attack’, to the Nineties / 2000’s bluesy rock era.
Of course, there’s the epic ‘Parisienne Walkways’ in its live take, which all over the years has become Gary’s most celebrated version (there’s several recorded) over the original studio track.

If there’s a musician I miss so much – among other irreplaceable like R J Dio – it would be Gary Moore.
Only available on physical format, “Parisienne Walkways: The Collection” is a stupendous 2-CD set covering the many faces, talented faces of the unique Gary Moore.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox


Disc 1:
01 – Parisienne Walkways (Live)
02 – The Prophet
03 – Rest In Peace
04 – Enough of the Blues
05 – Dancin’
06 – Fire
07 – Can’t Help Myself
08 – Really Gonna Rock Tonight
09 – Power of the Blues
10 – Getaway Blues
11 – Rectify
12 – Rockin’ and Rollin’
13 – Stand Up
14 – Ball and Chain

Disc 2:
01 – Nuclear Attack
02 – Stormy Monday
03 – Run to Your Mama
04 – Cold Black Night
05 – Surrender
06 – Evil
07 – How Many Lies
08 – Tell Me Woman
09 – World of Confusion
10 – Bad News
11 – I Can’t Quit You Baby
12 – Torn Inside
13 – Go On Home
14 – House Full of Blues



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