BON JOVI – Slippery When Wet Studio Demos [Enhanced Sound] + Borderline 86 EP + Wanted Dead Or Alive 12” Radio Promo

BON JOVI - Slippery When Wet Studio Demos [Enhanced Sound] + rare EPs

As requested you have here the BON JOVISlippery When Wet Studio Demos“, the first takes on the songs that would rock the world in 1986. All are different from the final versions, some never were officially released.
These tapes surfaced over the internet as ‘Bon Jovi Sessions From the Vault Disc #5’, but the sound quality is pretty poor. We have ‘mastered’ all tracks to get the best output possible.
As extra you ge the rare Japanese EP “Borderline” in its CD version, plus the promo only 12” vinyl for radio stations of “Wanted Dead Or Alive“, featuring the ‘Long Version’ and ‘Short Version’.
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Slippery When Wet Studio Demos [Enhanced Sound by 0dayrox]
01 – You Give Love a Bad Name
02 – Without Love
03 – Wild in the Streets
04 – Wanted Dead or Alive
05 – Raise Your Hands
06 – Never Enough
07 – Edge of a Broken Heart
08 – Borderline
09 – Game of the Heart
10 – Let it Rock
11 – Social Disease
12 – Livin’ on a Prayer
13 – Lonely is the Night
14 – Deep Cuts the Knife
15 – Never Say Goodbye (Richie lead vocal)
16 – I’d Die for You


Borderline 1986 EP (’89 CD reissue)1 – Livin’ On A Prayer

1 – Livin’ On A Prayer
2 – Borderline
3 – Hardest Part Is The Night (Live)
4 – Burning For Love (Live)


Wanted Dead Or Alive (12” Radio Promo) [vinyl only 1987]
1 – Wanted Dead or Alive (Long Version)
2 – Wanted Dead or Alive (Short Version)


Only at 0dayrox

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Track Game Of The Heart I think is meant to be Cave Of The Heart as only recently it was also featured on the Skull – Now More Than Ever CD.

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