STEVE LUKATHER – Lukather [Music On CD ‎reissue] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

STEVE LUKATHER - Lukather [Music On CD ‎reissue] (2019) full

Bringing to life ‘Classic Albums Available Again on CD’ as read on the sticker, specialized Dutch label Music On CD has been doing a great job reissuing long out of print CD’s. Such is the case with Toto’s guitarist STEVE LUKATHER and his debut solo record “Lukather“.

“Lukather” came about after Toto had been recording and playing for eleven years and the band consensus was to take a break. Since the guitarist had a number of songs written that did not appear on Toto albums, he decided to pursue a solo album.
His intention was to present a dimension of his musical work that fans would not be familiar with, and he collaborated with many notable musicians.

Among the people involved in “Lukather” were Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Richard Marx, Jan Hammer, Michael Landau, Randy Jackson, Tommy Funderburk and fellow Toto members Jeff Porcaro / David Paich just to name a few.
Steve Lukather has stated that the album is produced in a very simple manner and that one can hear a lot of ambient studio noise such as counting off on various tracks. Well, if youcall this ‘simple’ production… many would kill for an album sounding like “Lukather”.

Opening with a track co-written by Lukather / Eddie Van Halen and originally intended for Van Halen’s 5150 album, ‘Twist The Knife’ scorches from the first chords Lukather plays on his guitar. Eddie play bass here. The song was demoed by Van Halen with some different arrangements / lyrics and a different title (‘I Want Some Action’, search YouTube).
‘Swear Your Love’ is a Toto-like melodic rocker, and features very audible background vocals from Richard Marx.

One of the strongest tracks, and one of the reasons to own this album is “Fall Into Velvet” featuring guitar solos by Lukather and the incredible Steve Stevens, plus a great keyboard solo by Jan Hammer (of Miami Vice Theme fame). Clocking in at over 9 minutes and complemented by the soulful background vocals by Cindy Mizelle, Lukather takes this track to its absolute limits and really stretches out.

Some of the other stand-out tracks include the riff-broken of ‘Drive a Crooked Road’, the Toto-ish power ballad ‘Turns to Stone’, the elegant AOR of ‘Got My Way’, the awesome ‘Lonely Beat of My Heart’ (co-penned by Lukather with Diane Warren), and ‘With a Second Chance’ – either of which could have been successful singles within the context of the late Eighties US scene.

STEVE LUKATHER - Lukather [Music On CD ‎reissue] (2019) back

“Lukather” never has been remastered, however the new digital transfer technique which gets the proper signal / Dynamic Range without distortion – makes wonders here. The album comes full out of the speakers, much more defined than the original quite flat CD press. (thanks to Devon for this one)

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01 Twist The Knife
Bass – Eddie Van Halen
Drums – Carlos Vega
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Lukather
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Vocals, Backing Vocals – Warren Ham

02 Swear Your Love
Backing Vocals – Richard Marx
Bass – Neil Stubenhaus
Drums – Prairie Prince
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Lukather
Keyboards – CJ Vanston

03 Fall Into Velvet
Backing Vocals – Cindy Mizelle
Bass – Will Lee
Drums – Tommy Price
Guitar – Steve Stevens
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Lukather
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Synthesizer, Effects – Eric Rehl
Synthesizer, Organ – Jan Hammer

04 Drive A Crooked Road
Backing Vocals – Danny Kortchmar, Stan Lynch, Steve Lukather
Bass – John Pierce
Drums – Jeff Porcaro
Rhythm Guitar – Danny Kortchmar
Synthesizer, Vocals, Guitar Solo – Steve Lukather

05 Got My Way
Backing Vocals – Tom Kelly
Bass – Randy Jackson
Drums, Backing Vocals – John Keane
Guitar – Mike Landau
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Steve Lukather
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Synthesizer – Aaron Zigman, Randy Goodrum
Written By – Michael Landau, Randy Goodrum

06 Darkest Night Of The Year
Bass – Will Lee
Drums – Tommy Price
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Lukather
Synthesizer, Effects – Eric Rehl

07 Lonely Beat Of My Heart
Backing Vocals – Richard Marx, Tommy Funderburk
Bass – Neil Stubenhaus
Drums – John Keane
Guitar, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals – Steve Lukather
Keyboards – Kim Bullard
Organ – David Paich
Producer – Richie Zito
Written-By – Diane Warren

08 With A Second Chance
Drum Programming, Synthesizer – Randy Goodrum
Guitar, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals, – Steve Lukather

09 Turns To Stone
Backing Vocals – John Keane, Randy Goodrum
Bass – Lee Sklar
Drum Programming, Synthesizer – Randy Goodrum
Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Vocals – Steve Lukather

10 It Looks Like Rain
Backing Vocals – Tom Kelly
Bass – Randy Jackson
Drums – John Keane*
Guitar – Michael Landau
Keyboards – Jai Winding
Percussion – Lenny Castro
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Steve Lukather
Written-By – Steinberg & Kelly

11 Steppin’ On Top Of Your World
Backing Vocals – Ivan Neville, Stan Lynch
Bass – John Pierce
Drums – Jeff Porcaro
Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion – Danny Kortchmar
Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals – Steve Lukather



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