JULY REIGN (feat Dennis Ward) – Waves Of Destiny (2019)

JULY REIGN (feat Dennis Ward) – Waves Of Destiny (2019) full

An international project masterminded by Canadian guitarist Sheldon Scrivner, JULY REIGN will release later this year its new album “Waves Of Destiny“. Mastered by renowned Dennis Ward – who also play bass and did backing vocals on the recordings – credits include vocalists Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz (Germany) and PJ Molla (USA), and more.
July Reign already pleased us with their debut album ‘Here Comes The Flood’ released via MelodicRock Records, and while the project sound & style is firmly planted into an edgy blend of Euro traditional metal / hard rock, it’s melody the main focus of Scrivner & Co.

The album flows greatly with its mix of traditional melodic metal clean riffs and groovy hard rock rhythm section, soulful vocals and polished production.
As vastly known, Carsten is a powerhouse vocalist who should appeal to fans of Ray Gillen and alike, and while he sung on the entire previous July Reign album, for this new one enters new young vocalist PJ Molla. a promising guy with a strong set of pipes recalling a times Rob Rock, at others Mark Boals.

Dennis Ward play bass in a few tracks, however all over the recording you can hear his style, for sure he adviced Scrivner on how to record the album.
And about the guitar playing, Sheldon Scrivner is in a league of distinguished gentlemen of shredders and songwriters that ever was or will be — think Tony MacAlpine, George Lynch, Alex Masi, et al.

JULY REIGN (feat Dennis Ward) – Waves Of Destiny (2019) disc

“Waves Of Destiny” is a heavy melodic collection of songs in the vein of the July Reign’s debut, some kind of cross between Axel Rudi Pell and Eden’s Curse, yet more ‘melodious’ as a whole. Songs like ‘Day After Day’ or “So Far Away” are melodic hard rock at heart, with synths and harmony vocals all over.
Scrivner is pretty masterful at writing solid songs in these styles, with the necessary bite and dynamics.
Highly Recommended


01 – In Principium
02 – Seven Wonders
03 – Waves Of Destiny
04 – Day After Day
05 – So Far Away
06 – Under the Spell
07 – Never Surrender
08 – Game Of Life
09 – Changes
10 – I Wanna Know
11 – Now And Forever
12 – New Dawn

Sheldon Scrivner: all guitars, keys, bass, backing vocals
PJ Molla: vocals
Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz: vocals
Dennis Ward: bass, mastering
Adam Armstrong: bass on Track 8
Mark Duran: drums
Pat Cyr, Martin Molla, Charles St. Onge, Adam Armstrong, Carsten Schulz: backing vocals



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