FASTER PUSSYCAT – House Of Pain Collection (2019)

FASTER PUSSYCAT - House Of Pain: Collection (2019) full

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a branch in New York, X5 Music Group is a label that primarily licenses pre-existing music for compilation albums. They have arranged with Warner Music Group for the release of several Rock artists from their catalog, like this just appeared FASTER PUSSYCAT‘s “House Of Pain: Collection“, including some of the best songs from the band taken from their first three albums with Elektra Records.

While there has been a Faster Pussycat Greatest hits album release in the past, it only comprised 10 tracks. “House Of Pain: Collection” is much more complete release doubling the track list to 20 songs selected from 1987’s ‘Faster Pussycat’, 1989’s ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’ and 1992’s ‘Whipped!’ albums.

All in one package, you have all Faster Pussycat singles here plus many ‘inside tracks’ that deserved better exposure back in the day, from one of the more influential sleazy glammy hard rock acts of the LA ’80s scene, whom still continue rocking after thirty-five years.
Highly Recommended


01 – Nonstop to Nowhere
02 – Bathroom Wall
03 – Cathouse
04 – House of Pain
05 – Charge Me Up
06 – Slip of the Tongue
07 – Babylon
08 – Poison Ivy
09 – Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way
10 – The Body Thief
11 – You’re So Vain
12 – Crying Shame
13 – Friends
14 – Gonna Walk
15 – Jack the Bastard
16 – Bottle In Front of Me
17 – Don’t Change That Song
18 – Little Dove
19 – No Room for Emotion
20 – Smash Alley

Taime Downe – lead vocals
Greg Steele – guitar, backing vocals
Brent Muscat – guitar, backing vocals
Eric Stacy – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark Michals, Brett Bradshaw – drums, backing vocals



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  1. Tommy D says:

    Great upload, would love to see more of “X5 Music Group” releases here, such as Manowar Collection “Hail & Kill”.

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