ELECTRIC GUITARS (Soren Andersen) – 10 Songs 10 Cities (2019)

ELECTRIC GUITARS (Soren Andersen) - 10 Songs 10 Cities (2019) full

Formed by awesome musicians from the Scandinavian scene, ELECTRIC GUITARS are releasing “10 Songs 10 Cities”. In the spring of 2018 Electric Guitars played a Danish tour, recording all the concerts. Now they have chosen 10 songs from 10 different cities, hence the record’s title. Thiis isn’t just another ‘live album’; the man behind this is talented guitarist Søren Andersen, also uber-producer, so expect an incredible sound quality.
Musically, “10 Songs 10 Cities” sounds like a lost Thin Lizzy album, vibrant, and full of amazing songs / performances.

Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp) wanted a ‘classic’ sound for his live album with Electric Guitars, and if there’s a capable man to achieve this goal in 2019 that’s Soren. He prepared the recordings and did the mixing in the ‘old fashioned way’, and it paid the dividends.
“10 Songs 10 Cities” sounds and feels like that major label legendary ive albums from the Seventies / Eighties, polished to the minimum but recorded with a pristine multi-track quality.

As their name promises, Electric Guitars is a guitar-driven combo and this live recording gives the proper opportunity to showcase their potential: twin guitar harmonies all over from Andersen / Mika Vandborg. Additionally, both are superb vocalists, and add the skills of Peter Kjøbsted (bass) and Morten Hellborn (drums) for a tight rhythm section and you have a pretty killer rock n’ roll machine.

Bringing to mind Thin Lizzy legendary performances, “10 Songs 10 Cities” is the real deal: to my ears this is the best recorded live album of the year. But it doesn’t ends there; the 10 songs are terrific slices of quality classic rock / traditional hard rock to die for.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Rock n’ Roll Radio
02 – False Flag Operation
03 – Lucy Glow
04 – White Flag
05 – Swagman
06 – Back to You
07 – Running out of Time
08 – Day Off
09 – The Man from Outer Space
10 – The Thinner the Eyebrow the Crazier the Woman

Søren Andersen – Guitar, Vocals
Mika Vandborg – Guitarra, Vocals
Peter Kjøbsted – Bass, Backing Vocals
Morten Hellborn – Drums, Backing Vocals



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