WRECKING CREW – Fun In The Doghouse [Bad Reputation Remaster +3] (2019)

WRECKING CREW - Fun In The Doghouse [Bad Reputation Remaster +3] (2019) full

French label Bad Reputation Records has reissued the for years hard to find Australian hard rockers WRECKING CREW‘s album “Fun In The Doghouse“, digitally remastered, with new artwork and including as bonus 3 tracks taken from the even more impossible to find EP by the band.
Released in 1993 but soon lost in the vaults although the mighty Kevin Shirley (Rush, Journey) took over production duties, “Fun In The Doghouse” delivers strong material full of energy and hard rocking groove.
Partly bluesy (“10c Lovin“) or pure hard rock at times (“Stay“) and always exciting, Wrecking Crew’s style can be compared to GREAT WHITE or SAIGON KICK.

WRECKING CREW was formed in Sydney during 1987 with the the aim of instead of playing every known style of pop music, frontman / lead vocalist Dave Wilkins and Co. tried to creat a blend of the styles they loved: no frills hard rock with a touch of blues and funk for good measure.
This isn’t to say that they weren’t talented musicians because they certainly were; however the constraints of playing in a no frills hard rock band often don’t allow musicians to show off their true versatility.

The band had a respectable following in Sydney, particularly during the early 90s. They played at many of the popular live music venues including Selinas (Coogee Bay Hotel) where the band recorded their only music video to promote their single ‘Stay’.
In addition to releasing an EP ‘Welcome to the Circus’ in 1992 (from where a pair of the bonus tracks come from); and singles ‘Stay’ and ‘She Wants Love’ in 1993, this full length album titled ‘Fun In The Doghouse’ was also released the same year showcasing the band’s excellent songwriting and musicianship.

Songs like ‘Sister Mercy’ or ‘Going Down’ have the aforementioned GREAT WHITE similarities, however add their own touch with funkier yet heavy guitars. There’s variation in the songwriting with a little SAIGON KICK vibe here and there, and I hear a bit of SALTY DOG as well.
Unfortunately 1993 was not the best year for a debut in this musical style, and the album went unnoticed in America and almost the entire Europe.

This very good bluesy-funky hard rocking album deserved another chance to reach its audience.
That’s why Bad Reputation worked on this release like a new one, with a proper promotion and marketing, with illustrator Mark Wilkinson (Europe, Iron Maiden) creating the new cover, and
3 tracks added as bonus track, plus a fresh remastering.
Very good and unknown album / band that now has a new chance to be discovered by fans pf the genre.
Highly Recommended


01. Welcome To The Circus
02. 10c Lovin’
03. Stay
04. Sister Mercy
05. She Wants Love
06. Do What You Do
07. Going Down
08. Haunted
09. Outta Love
10. Soul Train
11. Round And Round
12. Keep The Dream Alive
13. Hell To Pay

Vocals – Dave Wilkins
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Brent Dehn
Bass, Backing Vocals – David Anthony Reynolds
Drums, Backing Vocals – Gary Synnerdahl



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