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WORK OF ART - Framework [Japan Edition] (2014) full

One of the highlights of the 2014 year was without a doubt the third CD by WORK OF ART entitled “Framework“.After two rather impressive and quite successful albums, we wonder whether these mighty Swedes can do it again. The answer is a rotund YES.
This Japanese Edition includes the bonus track “On The Edge Of Time”, and it’s a crime that were not included into the worldwide version of the album because it’s a killer uptempo AOR tune, one of the best from the bunch indeed.

“Framework” is the album I’ve been waiting on this whole year. These Swedes became a strong trademark and a quality stamp to high class melodic hard rock with precious and delicate AOR melodies.
Lars Säfsund is one of the best voices in the genre and with Robert Säll’s magical songs makes this new album record a true masterpiece to consume with my ears and mind. An ear feast for us Melodic Rock / AOR fans.

WORK OF ART - Framework [Japan Edition] (2014) booklet

“Framework” is, in short, a CD of ultra melodic songs, all packed in a fantastic production.
I didn’t expect them to manage to make another album in this caliber. Every band usually do an album, which doesn’t keep the previous standard, but Work of Art overwhelmed me again and after my many listenings, I can’t find one filler track or a weak riff.
This has to be on any ‘best album of 2014’ list and maybe on the top of that list.

“Framework” opens with the shining “Time To Let Go” with driven uptempo catchiness and Mr. Säfsund in an absolute top form. Robert Säll’s guitars ooze of stylish 6-string performance.
I have to mention the talented and fabulous drummer Herman Furin’s work. Many times the singer and guitar player steal most of the spotlight, but Herman is a big reason for the exceptional sound picture on Work of Art’s three albums. His sensitive wrists hits the cymbals perfectly and gives the band it’s high quality rhythms.

The heavenly melodic “How Will I Know” is a classy AOR gem, a mid-tempo diamond, “Shout Till You Wake Up” is a amazing song and it could have been on any Toto album, and if you need ballads “Hold on to Love” is simply brilliant.

WORK OF ART - Framework [Japan Edition] (2014) back cover

WORK OF ART’s “Framework” is AWESOME. Period.
If you can spend a few bucks more, get this Japanese Edition. The bonus track and the superior audio quality worth it.
Mandatory Purchase


01. Time To Let Go
02. How Will I Know
03. Shout Till You Wake Up
04. Can’t Let Go
05. How Do You Sleep At Night
06. Over The Line
07. The Machine
08. Hold On To Love
09. Natalie
10. The Turning Point
11. My Waking Dream
12. On The Edge Of Time (Japan Bonus Track)

Lars Säfsund – Vocals
Robert Säll – Guitar
Herman Furin – Drums


Out Of Print

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