TYKETTO – Strength In Numbers Live (2019)

TYKETTO - Strength In Numbers Live (2019) full

Much loved melodic rockers TYKETTO will put out tomorrow “Strength In Numbers Live”, a new live album to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of their second studio album “Strength In Numbers”. Released originally in 1994, in a time when grunge and alternative Rock were dominating, Tyketto soldiered on and came out with possibly the best record of 1994 in Melodic Hard Rock.
Tyketto went out on the road to celebrate the “Strength in Numbers” 25th Anniversary Tour in March 2019 and was a slam dunk, with both the band and audience in prime form. All the shows had an intense, yet personable energy about them and this is fully reflected in the live CD release.

The album includes all the songs originally included on the “Strength in Numbers” album plus an unreleased song “Wait Forever” included, a song that was written during the recording session of that album but that the band never managed to properly record and release.

TYKETTO - Strength In Numbers Live (2019) back

A beautiful album to complement the recent “Live in Milan” where Tyketto performed from start to finish their debut album “Don’t Come Easy”.
Another proof that the band is alive and kicking and looks forward to the future…
Highly Recommended


01 – Inherit the Wind (Live)
02 – Meet Me in the Night (Live)
03 – All over Me (Live)
04 – Catch My Fall (Live)
05 – The End of the Summer Days (Live)
06 – Wait Forerver (Live)
07 – Ain’t That Love (Live)
08 – Write Your Name in the Sky (Live)
09 – Why Do You Cry (Live)
10 – Rescue Me (Live)
11 – The Last Sunset (Live)
12 – Standing Alone (Live)
13 – Strength in Numbers (Live)

Vocals, Guitars – Danny Vaughn
Drums – Michael Clayton
Keyboards – Ged Rylands
Guitars – Chris Green
Bass – Greg Smith



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