THE DARKER MY HORIZON – Seize The Day (2019)

THE DARKER MY HORIZON - Seize The Day (2019) full

British rockers THE DARKER MY HORIZON are releasing today their new album “Seize The Day”. If you are new to The Darker My Horizon, just as reminder vocalist / guitarist Paul Stead and Mark Stephenson (guitar) are former members of Sacred Heart, the very good act already presented at 0dayrox years ago.
Their style draw influences from classic bands but with a quite modern melodic hard sound, mixing classic 80s / 90s melodies with current sonic waves.

TDMH take everyday stories to craft memorable melodies and lyrics into songs with crossover potential to a wide audience, melodic hard rock in nature but without all the cliches that some bands use.
There’s catchy tunes on songs like ‘Still Alive’, the groovy ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’, ‘I Will Rise Again’ however more elaborated than your regular modern melodic rock.

Despite its title, ‘Sleaze’ has nothing in common with the rock sub-genre but more a lively rocker, then we find fine midpaced tunes interspersed in between like the great ‘My Song’ (akin modern day Bon Jovi), the AORish ‘On My Way’ (my favorite) and a very well crafted ballad in ‘No Turning Back’.

Indie band self-managed but with a very solid production, mix and mastering, The Darker My Horizon has created another very solid effort in ‘Seize The Day’. There’s substance and maturity into their modern melodic rock songs, varied in style and arrangements.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sleaze
02 – Carpe Diem
03 – Still Alive
04 – My Song
05 – Mum & Dad
06 – Monkey See, Monkey Do
07 – No Turning Back
08 – Lies, Lies, Lies
09 – On My Way
10 – I Will Rise Again
11 – Dear Olivia (Acoustic)

Paul Stead – lead vocals, guitar
Mark Stephenson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Paul Hamilton – bass guitar
William Knox – drums



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