SOUTH OF EDEN (Mitch Malloy) – South Of Eden (Out Of Print)

SOUTH OF EDEN (Mitch Malloy) – South Of Eden (Out Of Print) full

Mitch Malloy and Casey Thompson both made their own separate ways to Nashville, TN, a common destination for so many talented small town kids looking to chase a musical dream.
What is less common is witnessing how their simple meeting at a Nashville club turned out to be a perfect fit, and how the spontaneous combustion from two perfectly matched talents deciding to share their dream resulted in the formation of of Nashville’s hottest indie duos, SOUTH OF EDEN.

If you’re new to Mitch Malloy background (I doubt it), he released two albums on a major label and scored three Top-20 hits. Malloy was tempted by the possibility of fronting the third incarnation of legendary group Van Halen and went so far as to accept an invitation from Eddie Van Halen to record a series of demos with the band – who could pass up that opportunity?
However, at the end of 2000’s Nashville producers offered him to make it real his bigger dream : writing, performing and producing his own Americana music.
Mitch wrote songs with and for Desmond Child, Mike Reid, David Rosenthal, Dennis Morgan, to name a few.

Casey Thompson also had to pull up the small town roots of Marion, Ohio, to chase her dream of making it as a performing artist.
She entered a reality contest sponsored by the NBC “Today” show entitled, “Today’s Next Superstar” and found herself handpicked by NBC producers and Warner Brothers Music as one of only seven contestants to compete for the title of America’s next singing sensation.
Casey placed third in the competition, but still found herself with national press exposure and the chance to work with talents like musical director Jim Brickman and Grammy award-winning producer Guy Roche.

As result, Mitch Malloy and Casey Thompson were chasing their dream together as SOUTH OF EDEN. And from the overwhelming reactions the duo gained from both fans and the industry, it was already a dream come true.

This is really cool album, refreshing, Country-Rock-Americana tingled yes, but extremely melodic.
And it has Mitch Malloy singing, writing, mixing, producing… anything with Malloy’s talent involved sounds pretty damn fine… quality guaranteed.
The album only was available as digital download, but now seems to be retired / deleted from all major retailers.

01 – Love Made A Liar Out Of Me
02 – What A Day
03 – Places Only Love Can Go
04 – Breathless
05 – Roll
06 – When The Smoke Clears
07 – All The Way
08 – Close To You
Extra tracks:
09 – Nothin’ New
10 – Never Enough

Casey Thompson : Vocals, Guitars.
Mitch Malloy : Vocals, everything else


Out Of Print

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  1. I always love listening to south of eden…good to know you guys are still making music…

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