REDLINE – Gods And Monsters (2019)

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REDLINE hail from Birmingham, the ancestral home of British metal. Balls to the wall guitars, a locked and loaded rhythm section and a real powerhouse of a vocalist, Redline have forged their own distinctive blend of Classic Hard Rock and traditional ’80s melodic metal. With influences drawn from a rich heritage, the band have been compared to Dio, Saxon, Thunder, early Judas and Queensryche, and more.
New album “Gods And Monsters” to be released tomorrow by Escape Music captures the classic ’80s magic with melody and catchiness.

The third album from Redline convinces since the opening title track with heavy classy riffs, thundering rhythm and a voice like dynamite from Kez Taylor, which at places brings to mind Tony Martin, at others Biff Byford. Classic hard rock with obvious NWOBHM roots, indeed the Tony Martin comparison refers to Black Sabbath era with the vocalist, albums like 1987’s The Eternal Idol or 1989’s Headless Cross.
On the dark midtempo ‘Prayer for Dying’ shades of late Seventies Judas Priest appear, while other songs have a feeling of the very early Queensryche, hjust check out the pretty catchy ‘Dark City’.

A highlight for me is ‘Fields Of Fire’, that kind of ’80s metal ballads slow paced yet with bite, with clean guitars, emotional vocals by Taylor and a soulful solo.
Another winner comes with ‘Take It To The Grave’, a killer twin guitar driven rocker pumped by a big bass line and a catchy groovin’ chorus. We’re in 1985? No, but this punchy tune takes you there.
Queensryche The Warning era appear with midtempo ‘Nowhere Man’, then ‘332’ is the instrumental closer with blazing guitars all over.

REDLINE - Gods And Monsters (2019) back

No tricks, no gimmicks, on “Gods And Monsters” Redline delivers an unadulterated slice of classic, guitar-forward, traditional melodic metal / hard rock. Old-school stuff done with an updated production and modern attack, rocking and entertaining.
Highly Recommended


01 – Gods and Monsters
02 – Empires
03 – Prayer for Dying
04 – Dark City
05 – Killer
06 – Fields of Fire
07 – Take It to the Grave
08 – Nowhere Man
09 – Hell Marry
10 – Stand and Fight
11 – 332

Kez Taylor – Vocals
Chris Basener – Guitar
Ade Yeomans – Guitar
Steve Reg-Hill – Bass
Mark Biddiscombe – Drums



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