RAVEN – The Complete Atlantic Recordings; ‘The Pack Is Back’ & ‘Mad’ [Wounded Bird remasters 2019]

RAVEN - The Complete Atlantic Recordings; 'The Pack Is Back' & 'Mad' [Wounded Bird remasters 2019] full

Reputable reissue label Wounded Bird Records has just remastered all RAVEN Atlantic Recordings from the 80s, taken from the original master tapes. With origins in the early British metal movement, by 1984 Raven had passed under American management and secured a deal with Atlantic Records.
1986’s “The Pack Is Back” is the band’s second album for Atlantic with the trio definitely established in the USA recorded with renowned producer Eddie Kramer and features an even more radio-friendly / commercial sound than any other Raven album.
Te same year Raven released an EP titled “Mad”, including five more aggressive and metallic songs that didn’t fit “The Pack Is Back” sound.

“The Pack Is Back” is Raven’s more accessible records, plenty of synth and guitar effects and with numerous built for radio tunes. The title track kicks things off with a mid-paced anthem and catchy layman chorus, as well as a nice guitar melody.
“Gimme Some Lovin'” is a poppy melodic hard rocker, a Spencer Davis Group cover and hence catchy and radio ready. Remember that Judas Priest’s “Turbo” synth guitar? Here’s a plenty, while Kramer’s production makes Raven sound like a cross between Kiss and The Knack.

Then “Screamin’ Down the House” should appeal to fans of Ratt or Twisted Sister who desire some rebellious party metal. The album picks up the pace a little with “Young Blood” which is all the more metal, yet still very catchy. “Hyperactive” and the silly head banger “Rock Dogs” return to the more commercial vibe.
Some of the other standout tracks are the heavier “Nightmare Ride” and the pumping “All I Want”.

RAVEN - The Complete Atlantic Recordings; 'The Pack Is Back' [Wounded Bird remasters 2019]

While old fans resulted surprised (not a good way) by the extremely polished and melodic sound of “The Pack Is Back”, the album gained new fans to the Raven camp. It’s a typical 1986 disc from a band previously heavier and then updated to times. It happened with King Kobra, Back N’ Blue and many more.
I really like “The Pack Is Back”, a catchy and fun record benefited by this clean & potent remaster.

While still melodic, EP “Mad” released the same year is much more metallic. An all songs rock with edge and punch. As a matter of fact, “Speed of the Reflex” is one of the band’s finest songs ever.
This is the first time “Mad” is officially released entirely on CD. All these tracks appeared as bonus on all the albums previous reissues, but not together.
Highly Recommended

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The Pack Is Back – Remastered 2019:
01 – The Pack Is Back
02 – Gimme Some Lovin’
03 – Screamin’ Down The House
04 – Young Blood
05 – Hyperactive
06 – Rock Dogs
07 – Don’t Let It Die
08 – Get Into Your Car
09 – All I Want
10 – Nightmare Ride

Mad – Remastered 2019:
01 – Speed of The Reflex
02 – Do or Die
03 – How Did Ya Get So Crazy
04 – Seen It On The T.V.
05 – Gimmie Just A Little

Lead Vocals, Bass – John Gallagher
Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals – Mark Gallagher
Drums, Drums & More Drums – Wacko



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