MITCH MALLOY – Ceilings & Walls [remastered + 4]

MITCH MALLOY - Ceilings & Walls [remastered + 4] full

MITCH MALLOY is remastering and releasing by himself all his catalog, some of them already presented on this blog. “Ceilings & Walls” was his second album following the Melodic Rock bliss of the self-titled debut.
Although the first CD sold well and managed to generate a couple of mid-chart hits, his label sought to take him in a more adult contemporary direction, so for “Ceilings & Walls” Malloy was paired with producer Christopher Neil (Mike + The Mechanics, Marillion) to obtain a more mainstream sound.

At the time of release, “Ceilings & Walls” was criticized by specialized media and fans for being too much ‘light’, mellower than debut and profusely balladry oriented. Now, listening to it in perspective, I can say this is one of the best Mitch Malloy albums ever, highlighting like no other his magnificent vocal dexterity and awesome songwriting abilities.

Despite its laid down and organic feel, this is definitely a Melodic Rock album with smooth sound provided by Neil who has wrapped these songs with a stylized aura sometimes recalling Mike + The Mechanics, so it’s not strange he brought Mike Rutherford and Paul Carrack to collaborate on a couple of tracks.
There’s beautiful, touching songs in “Over My Shoulder”, “How Fast Forever Goes” and “Time Stands Still”, while more uptempo numbers such as “Say Whatever’s On Your Heart” (a winner), “This Time” or “Where Love Is No Stranger” recalls the debut.
Production is excellent, even more crisp with the remastering treatment by Malloy itself.

We have as bonuses all the brand new songs recorded and released by Mitch Malloy at the time of this reissue: the melodic rockers “Dakota Kid” and “What A Day”, the midtempo “Breathless” and the edgy, melodic hard “It’s Your Love” very much in the Mr. Big style (check the video below).


The physical copies of “Ceilings & Walls” were delayed and seem very few were pressed, but you still you can get it digital at all major retailers.
Another very good effort by this criminally underrated singer / songwriter, one of the best in the Melodic Rock scene if you ask me.
Highly Recommended


01 – This Time
02 – Ready To Go Home (feat. Paul Carrack)
03 – Tumbling Down
04 – Over My Shoulder
05 – How ‘Bout Us
06 – Jessica
07 – Where Love Is No Stranger (feat. Mike Rutherford)
08 – How Fast Forever Goes
09 – Say Whatever’s On Your Heart
10 – Time Stands Still
11 – Ceilings And Walls (feat. Bernie Leadon)
12 – What A Day [New Track]
13 – It’s Your Love [New Track]
14 – Dakota Kid [New Track]
15 – Breathless [New Track]

Mitch Malloy – Vocals, Guitar
Steve Pigott – Drums, Bass, Keyboards
Tim Renwick – Guitar
Mike Rutherford – Guitar
Bob Halligan Jr – Guitar
Josh Leo – Guitar
Bernie Leadon (Eagles) – Guitar
Warren Hill – Sax
Mike Reid – Piano
Luis Jardim – Percussion
Paul Carrack (Mike + The Mechanics) – Vocals



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