KINGCROWN – A Perfect World (2019)

KINGCROWN - A Perfect World (2019) full

“A Perfect World“ is the debut album of powerful melodic metal band KINGCROWN released today. The group recorded an album under the name Öblivïon some years ago, but they opted for a new moniker, some line up changes, and a fresher sound.
“A Perfect World“ is a very effective mix of classic melodic metal, traditional heavy, and a touch of progressive, all delivered with a modern sound mixed & mastered by Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween).

With Grapow involved there’s guarantee that we are facing a modern and powerful production. The voice of Jo Amore perfectly fits with the melodic guitars of Steff Rabilloud and Florian Lagoutte who combine the old school melodic metal soloing and the modern shredding, enhanced by the bass virtuoso Markus Fortunato and the massive drums of David Amore.

“A Perfect World” combines classic metal hymns such as “The Human Tide” and “The Flame Of My Soul” with power-prog stompers like “Golden Knights” or the darker “Soundtrack Of My Existence”, and even stretches the boundaries including an ‘Americanized’ power ballad called “Over The Moon”.

It’s all strong stuff with a punchy delivery, solid instrumentation and a bright production. Kingcrown combines the old-school with the new, well rounded and effective.
Strongly Recommended


01 – The Flame Of My Soul
02 – Qumrân Caves
03 – In The Sky Of Athens
04 – The Human Tide
05 – Over The Moon
06 – The End Is Near
07 – Golden Knights
08 – Sad Song For A Dead Child
09 – Soundtrack Of My Existence
10 – A Perfect World
11 – Over The Moon (Acoustic Version)

Jo Amore (Vocals)
David Amore (Drums & Machines)
Markus Fortunato (Bass)
Steff Rabilloud (Guitars)
Florian Lagoutte (Guitars)



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