JOHN FANNON (New England) – Saved All The Pieces +2 Unreleased

JOHN FANNON (New England) - Saved All The Pieces +2 Unreleased - full

New England was one of the seminal guitar-driven pomp AOR acts from the US scene, however, to my ears they were heavily influenced by the British invasion, especially lead singer / guitarist JOHN FANNON vocal style. After the band break-up, Fannon remained in the music industry playing, composing & producing for others, and occasionally releasing solo material. “Saved All The Pieces” is his last album, and as extra we have here 2 unreleased tracks recorded in 1991 with an AOR feeling.

Recorded at his own studio named The Explorer Suite as New England’s most famous album, “Saved All The Pieces” has been written, performed, produced and engineered by Fannon himself.
This album goes down a slightly different path than the more rocking, pompy sounds of New England, as John’s solo songs tend to explore his earliest influence – mainly The Beatles and Classic Rock. Not necessarily lyrically speaking, but more through sheer atmosphere and melody

The opening two tracks “Just You And Me” and “Just Run,” plus “Go To The Sun” might be the best examples of the Beatle-esque aura that weaves throughout these catchy, wistful song structures which seem to each, subconsciously build up to a blissful peaks.
What’s more, both John’s acoustic strums and guitar solos are smooth, tasteful and perfectly placed… most notable for this writer, the fantastic solos during “Running Easy,” the aforementioned “Just Run” (co-written with New England band mate Jimmy Waldo) and the closing “So Here I Am.”

Other tracks such as “Hearts Are Breaking,” ‘Go On Your Way,” “Give Me Love” and the wonderful title track are plenty of acoustic guitar too, laced with tasteful piano lines, rich vocals, atmospheric electric guitar solos and heart-felt lyrics that bring It all together.

Even with the previously mentioned influences clearly present, “Saved All The Pieces” does not come off as pretentious or trite, but rather, it just sounds like John Fannon.
Almost like he’s just simply telling us; this is how I feel, this is what I’ve written and recorded… and I hope you enjoy it.
The extra unreleased songs here, while demos, both are professionally recorded and the sound & style are late ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock, plus that New England touch that make them unique.
Highly Recommended


01 – Just You and Me
02 – Just Run
03 – Hearts Are Breaking
04 – So Tied up in You
05 – Go on Your Way
06 – Write Your Name
07 – Saved All the Pieces
08 – Go to the Sun
09 – Running Easy
10 – Give Me Love
11 – So Here I Am
12 – The Way To Your Heart (91′ demo)
13 – Your Eyes Are My Eyes (91′ demo)



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