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INVERTIGO - InMotion (2019) full

“InMotion” is new album from German Neo-Progsters INVERTIGO, where the five-piece have refined their blend of accessible melodies and catchiness and elaborated progressive structures. InVertigo’s songs mirror influences by progressive rock legends such as Marillion, Genesis, Pendragon or Satellite, but do sound completely different.

Founded in the mid-2000’s, InVertigo began touring almost right away, spreading their Neo-prog music through Germany and Europe. After two successful albums, it took 7 years for the band to get ready this new opus “InMotion”, and you can hear the polished arrangements and attention to detail.

The album starts with the sounds of squeakies on “Interrompu”, but moves into a nice, catchy sound when the band kicks in, with piano leading the way at first, later giving way for the guitar to lead the melody and improvisation for a while. Between solos, the music develops nicely with a boiling bass line, and a nice flowing style. Vocals begin sometime in the 2nd minute, and the sound of a well-developed neo-prog sound becomes apparent.
The music is easy enough to listen to, but still has plenty of progressive sensibilities to make it very engrossing for the prog fan.

The music and lyrics on “Listen to the Smell of the Pretty Picture” are quite positive and bright musically. It’s a smooth sound, but very connected and tight, music flowing seamlessly between synths and guitar. The song has it’s heavier sections, but they remain restrained so that the music is quite accessible. Later, there is an acapella section that features additional guest vocalists (who appear in various sections in the album) Julia Gorzelanczyk and Ina Merz.

“Severn Speaking” starts off with thumping drum and a voice sample from a Severn Suzuki speech. Synth and guitar call in the vocals with lyrics about Severn’s impact and what have you done about it. After a few verses, there is an instrumental break and vocal samples continue while the music plays. It’s a ‘song format’ composition and would find airplay on classic rock radio.

“Wasting Time” continues with the smooth neo-prog sound, but this time things are a bit darker, and there is some good tension buildup in various sections. The music tends to get more tense as the track continues and the vocals become more imploring. Then at end, things get softer and a bit more pensive, but it all works up to another melodic guitar solo. I really like the melody in the chorus and how the music works up to it, and then returns to the tense feeling again. Excellent track.

Next is “Life Part I (random)”, initially inspired from the main theme of Edvard Grieg’s “Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16”, even though it is all played upon by all of the instruments. There’s some intese interplay both keyboards and guitars taking turns at solos.
The song ends with vocal harmonies and piano, and then it moves into “Life Part II (metaphors)”, where there is a sort-of funky riff in the synths as the guitar plays. A new vocal melody emerges, based off of a more straightforward beat this time. When the song finishes, after a pause we hear a short acoustic coda that ends the album.

“InMotion” is a very melodic, joyful and overall bright album from InVertigo, yet progressive enough to catch your interest. The music is definitely Neo-prog, and the messages are usually quite positive.
Very well composed, arranged and produced / mixed, these songs showcase the musician’s abilities but essentially their talent to craft accessible and at the same time elaborated songs.
Not only for prog aficionados, “InMotion” will appeal a wide range of listeners, such as melodic rockers, classic rockers, lite prog fans, etc.
Highly Recommended


1 – Interrompu
2 – Listen To The Smell Of The Pretty Picture
– Listen
– Smell
– Shot
3 – Severn Speaking
4 – Wasting Time
5 – Life Part I (random)
6 – Life Part II (metaphors)

Sebastian Brennert – vocals, piano
Kolja Maletzki – guitar
Michael Kuchenbecker – keyboards
Matthias Hommel – bass, bass pedals
Carsten Dannert – drums, percussion
Ina Merz, Julia Gorzelanczyk – harmony vocals
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