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After many years, Perris Records is back with its eight edition of its popular Hollywood Hairspray compilations CD. Earlier volumes featured mostly underground bands from the LA hard rock scene, but the series were discontinued during the past decade. Now 2019 “HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY Vol.8” has changed its focus, presenting melodic hard rock bands from all over the world as part of  the current Perris roster.
This Vol.8 includes unreleased tracks as well, all of interest for fans and collectors.

Alongside bands such as Morano (feat including Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn on vocals), 99 Crimes (featuring Dangerous Toys and former Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel), AOR, etc which already have albums released, this compilation features new artists that will be widely known very soon like Walker (Ireland), Notörious (Norway), NiteRain (Norway) and Kill City Kills (Russia).

All songs rock greatly and round up a very good compilation, and the unreleased tracks are really interesting. The highlight for me is Loud ‘N’ Nasty (Swedish melodic hard rockers) “Stand Strong”, a killer tune that worth the disc alone.
Also the exclusive tracks Bad Boy Eddy’s “My Best Friend” is catchy, and Affaïre’s (Portuguese sleazy rockers) “Highway Affair” rocks with driving guitars.

HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY Vol.8 (2019) CD version

This CD version of “HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY Vol.8” is the one to get, not only because these series become collectibles soon, but it’s properly mastered. Take as example the other unreleased track, NiteRain’s “Rise Up”, which in the digital download version sounds tiny and flat.
Highly Recommended


01 – Loud ‘N’ Nasty – Stand Strong (Unreleased)
02 – Morano – After the Love
03 – 99 Crimes – Rumor
04 – Bad Boy Eddy – My Best Friend (Unreleased)
05 – AOR – The Smartest Girl In L.A
06 – Rain Or Shine – Top Of The World
07 – Walker – Time To Party
08 – Collusion – Dynamite Mary
09 – Notörious – Notörious
10 – NiteRain – Rise Up [Demo] (Unreleased)
11 – Kill City Kills – Wild Brigade
12 – Mercy – Jet Black Romance
13 – Voodoo Moonshine – Give It To Me
14 – Affäire – Highway Affair (Unreleased)



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