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FRANCK CARDUCCI’s music has many influences, but certainly appeal to all melodic rock lovers – from blues to hard rock – and especially to timeless, anthemic / arena classic rock lovers. His new album “The Answer” will be released November 28th, 2019, via Franck’s own label.
It’s no disrespect to say that “The Answer” could have been recorded in the late ’70s. In fact, it is a praise to it regarding its qualities as a Rock music product.

The spirit of that era is alive and well with Franck Carducci, whose third album “The Answer” brings more than a little prog-rock to the formula as well. Hailing from France, Carducci’s name has quickly been on the rise this past decade as his rock ’n roll circus band has garnered accolades for their lively show throughout countless concerts.
Long on enthusiasm and sincerity, this talented band brings the fun back to rock, in all its majesty, pomp and over-the-top delivery. This third album will likely continue to bring Carducci new fans and attention, with plenty of material that holds promise for a remarkable live concert experience.

The title track “(Love Is) The Answer” heralds the news that the Franck Carducci band is taking it up a notch as shimmering 12-string acoustic guitar, synth, didgeridoo and a strong chorus of singers welcomes the listener in the first minute. The song continues to progress replete with Close-to-the-Edge-keyboards, punchy bass, a spacious guitar solo and an anthemic chorus that just won’t quit.
If this is your first introduction to Franck Carducci, these 8 minutes will likely make you a believer. This song isn’t only a highlight of the album, it’s one of the best of the year.

Trading in the keyboardist’s cape for leather pants, the arena-ready “Slave To Rock ’n Roll” follows and we can only imagine the smoke bombs and laser lights erupting in celebration. It’s nothing but a good time, a well-executed classic AOR hit that you didn’t know you’ve been missing. Tonight I’m gonna rock ya.
“Superstar” brings back the progressive rock edge to the classic rock vibe, even as the beginning arpeggiation conjures memories of Triumph hits gone by. Telling the tale of Arion Superstar (Carducci’s alter-ego), the story gets a little long-winded at times but musically there’s enough muscle in the arrangement to warrant the 12 minute saga. This should make for a good one on the stage.

“The After Effect” continues with the emotion and well-executed performances. While the instrumentation and arrangements have plenty of prog-rock sheen, Carducci feels more classic rock in his soul, but it makes for an enjoyable combination.

After the introspective interlude of “The Game of Life”, the album proper closes with one final 11-minute track, the bluesy “Asylum”. With a killer organ solo from Derek Sherinian and a true “Rock N’ Roll” drum solo, this song has a bit of everything in it to get your head banging and fists pumping.
Four more pieces are tacked on afterwards – labeled as Bonus Tracks – radio-edit versions of “(Love is) The Answer [radio cut]” and “Slave to Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and two re-works of Franck’s older tracks.

At times ambitious and creative, at other times joyfully melodic, Franck Carducci is keen on putting the FUN back into classic rock. “The Answer” offers a colorful cast of characters whose mission is to fulfill the rock and roll dream.
With any luck, the future will continue to develop brightly for Carducci as he invites the listener to run away to the circus with him.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – (Love is) The Answer
02 – Slave to Rock ‘n’ Roll
03 – Superstar
04 – The After Effect
05 – The Game of Life
06 – Asylum [feat. Derek Sherinian]
Bonus Tracks:
07 – On the Road to Nowhere
08 – Beautiful Night
09 – (Love is) The Answer [radio cut]
10 – Slave to Rock ‘n’ Roll [radio cut]

Franck Carducci – vocals, bass, guitar,
Olivier Castan – keyboards, mellotron, synths, backing vocals
Antonino Reina – drums, backing vocals
Cristophe Obadia, Steve Marsala – guitars
Mary Reynaud – vocals
Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Black Country Communion) – keys
Jimmy Pallagrosi (Zio, Karnataka) – drums
Fabrice Dutour (Backroads, Dyslesia) – guitar


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