Carl Sentance’s PERSIAN RISK – Who Am I? + Once A King (2019)

Carl Sentance's PERSIAN RISK - Who Am I? + Once A King (2019) full

A veteran from the British Rock scene, Carl Sentance sung for everyone, from Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Band to Tokyo Rose to Krokus, but his very first work was with PERSIAN RISK in the first half of the ’80s. Currently, he’s the frontman for Nazareth, but Carl, via Escape Music, is re-releasing a double-CD with the albums “Who Am I?” and “Once A King”, both recorded some time ago with his reformed Persian Risk version.
Both albums are now properly released, remastered and with extra tracks.

In 2009 Carl recorded his first solo album. That led him to try and reform the original Persian Risk but at the time the members were busy with other projects, so Carl put a brand new Persian Risk together and came up with two great albums “Once a King” and “Who am I”.
The new line up of Persian Risk featured very renowned musicians: one of them is legendary keyboard player Don Airey. In 2006 Carl joined Airey’s project “Don Airey and Friends” and has co-written with Don ever since.
Others to mention are Thunder’s bass player Chris Childs, who plays on “Once a King”, and guitarist Phil Campbell (Motorhead).

It’s not hard to guess the musical style here on both albums: a fresh, updated take on classic hard rock with an unmistakable British scent. Read Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc.
There’s many tracks – like “Killer’ or ‘The Writing on the Wall’ – where the band sounds like Alcatrazz circa 1983, others Michael Schenker Group (“Spirit in My Dreams”, “Calling for You”), and alike. You get the picture.

There’s melodic hard rockers as well such as midtempo title track “Once a King”, “Facing Your Demons”, or the pumping “Soul Deceiver”, and a bluesy slow burner on “I Thought It Was You”.
The bonus tracks are worthwhile as well, my favorite being the acoustically based “Don’t Walk Away”, showcasing other side of the band.

You can’t no wrong with both albums here. I prefer “Once A King” due its more melodic hard rock nature, however the classic rock / traditional approach of “Who Am I?” rocks great as well.
A very welcomed, Highly Recommended release


Who Am I?
01 – Don’t Look Back
02 – Who Am I?
03 – My Creation
04 – In My Life
05 – The Writing on the Wall
06 – I Feel Free
07 – Dark Tower
08 – Facing Your Demons
09 – Calling for You
10 – I Thought It Was You
11 – Don’t Walk Away
12 – Life Goes On

Vocals, Guitars: Carl Sentance (Nazareth And Krokus)
Guitars: Phil Campbell (Motorhead)
Guitars: Many Maurer (Krokus)
Guitars: Jason Banks (Kee Marcello)
Guitars: Danny Willson (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash)
Bass: Wayne Banks (Brazen Abbot / Heartland / Kee Marcello)
Drums: Tim Brown (Martin Turner Wishbone Ash)
Keys: Don Airey (Deep Purple / Ozzy Osbourne)


Once A King
01 – Asylum (Child Insane)
02 – Riding High
03 – Killer
04 – Once a King
05 – Soul Deceiver
06 – Battlecry
07 – Spirit in My Dreams
08 – Ride the Storm
09 – Fist of Fury
10 – Woman and Rock
11 – Wasteland
12 – Mind Doctor
13 – Girls Got Fire

Vocals, Guitars, Bass – Carl Sentence
Guitars – Howie G (Lawless), Danny Willson
Bass – Chris Childs (Thunder)
Bass – Alex Meadows
Drums – Tim Brown (Stateline)
Keys – Don Airey (Deep Purple / Ozzy Osbourne)



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