ADELLAIDE – Flying High (2017) + Adellaide EP (2016)

ADELLAIDE – Flying High (2017) + Adellaide EP (2016) full

Brazilian AORsters ADELLAIDE already surprised us with their debut EP, and really made big step with their full length CD “Flying High“, a mix of ’80s AOR inspired by Journey, Survivor, Foreigner and current acts such as Lionville, Care of Night, Wild Rose as well.

Produced by Almah’s guitarist Tito Falaschi (brother of ex- Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi), “Adellaide EP” counts with three tracks, opening with the driving ‘Save Your Love’ filled with lovely synth stabs and a vocal tone similar to Hugo / Journey.
Next, the heavenly AOR waves of ‘Heroes’ has melodic rockers Joey Summer and Rodrigo Marenna both participating in backing / harmony vocals. The EP round up with ‘Edge of Feelings’, starting as an atmospheric ballad and then turning an uptempo melodic rocker in the Sunstorm vein.

The full lenght “Flying High” opens with ‘Running’, a sharp melodic rocker with a punch, soaring vocals and ‘that’ 80s keys. Next, ‘Lion’s Den’ feels more modern in its approach, very easy to the ears. Then ‘Nights In japan’ with that magical synths takes you back to the ’80s again, pictures of neon lights come to your mind, and the vocals soar.
Seems vocalist Daniel Vargas doubles himself with slightly different vocal harmonies all over the album, creating a wonderful AOR atmosphere.

A re-worked version of ‘Heroes’ is another gem, and another tune where Vargas doubles the vocal layer for great effect on this Journey / Steve Perry influenced track… and that keys!
A mix of classic Survivor and Lionville arrive with “Stone of Truth”, and a sweet ballad with ‘Blind Love’ pretty much in the current Scandinavian vein of this genre with a midtempo rhythm, very clean and sweet.

As on all classy AOR albums, there’s songs with female name titles. One is the elegant midpaced ‘Andrea’ which in the early ’80s would have ruled FM Radio, the other is closer ‘Caroline’, a ballad which brings to mind Care Of Night.
‘Talisman’ is a cool rocker with a nice hook (and keys, as on songs), ‘Learn to Live’ is another strong rocker and perhaps the most elaborated on the album, and more classy American AOR is the fuel for the lovely ‘Nothing Will Keep Us Apart’.

ADELLAIDE - Flying High + EP inside

What’s not like here? Adellaide is pure AOR, one of the most ‘traditional’ bands out there playing this musical genre from the heart, not caring about trends or modernism.
Kudos to Lions Pride for giving Adellaide the chance to show their music all over the world with a full European distribution of “Flying High”, and there’s plans for a Japanese release too.
A MUST for classy AOR fans.


“Adellaide EP”
01 – Save Your Love
02 – Heroes
03 – Edge Of Feelings

“Flying High”
01 – Running
02 – Lion’s Den
03 – Nights in Japan
04 – Stone of Truth
05 – Blind Love
06 – Heroes
07 – Andrea
08 – Talisman
09 – Learn to Live
10 – Nothing Will Keep Us Apart
11 – Caroline

Daniel Vargas (Lead & Backing Vocals)
Ale Nammur (Guitar)
Claudio Nammur (Drums)
Cadu Yamazaki (Bass)
Leandro Freitas (Keyboards)



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