WHITESNAKE – Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition [Super Deluxe Edition] (2019)

WHITESNAKE - Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition [Super Deluxe Edition] (2019) full

WHITESNAKE ‘s 1989 album “Slip Of The Tongue” has just been reissued for its 30th Anniversary across four different physical editions, including this awesome seven-disc Super Deluxe Edition which offers a host of rare and unreleased material.
The 6CD/DVD collection includes a newly 2019 remastered version of the album, plus unreleased studio recordings, and a fully remastered audio of the band’s performance at the 1990 Monsters Of Rock festival.

Following the 8x platinum success of its eponymous album in 1987, WHITESNAKE returned two years later with “Slip Of The Tongue”. At the time, the band included Coverdale, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Tommy Aldridge, and guitarists Adrian Vandenberg and Steve Vai.
Vandenberg and Coverdale co-wrote all but one song on the album, but Vandenberg couldn’t record them in the studio at the time due to a hand injury. To fill the void, Vai joined the band for the album and tour.

WHITESNAKE scored the band’s third consecutive platinum record with “Slip Of The Tongue”. Originally released in November 1989, it peaked at No. 10 on the U.K. and U.S. album charts thanks largely to its two Top 40 hits — “Fool For Your Loving” and “The Deeper The Love”.
The fan favorite turns 30 this year and Rhino is celebrating with several new versions, including this colossal seven-disc boxed set.

This mammoth super deluxe box features “unreleased versions of every album track” as well as monitor mixes, demos, B-sides, alt mixes and nearly two dozen previously unreleased tracks taken from the session tapes.
Among the rarities, the box also includes a CD of ‘Slip Of The Tongue: The Wagging Tongue Edition’ which was issued exclusively on vinyl in 1989. It features David Coverdale being interviewed about each track followed by the song.

This “Slip Of The Tongue 30th Anniversary Edition [Super Deluxe Edition]” release is a blast.


Disc 1 : Slip Of The Tongue (2019 Remaster)
1. Slip Of The Tongue
2. Kittens Got Claws
3. Cheap An’ Nasty
4. Now You’re Gone
5. The Deeper The Love
6. Judgment Day
7. Sailing Ships
8. Wings Of The Storm
9. Slow Poke Music
10. Fool For Your Loving
11. Sweet Lady Luck (Single B-Side)
12. Now You’re Gone (Chris Lord-Alge Single Remix)
13. Fool For Your Loving (Vai Voltage Mix)
14. Slip Of The Tongue (Alternate Intro & Breakdown)
15. Cheap An’ Nasty (Alternate Solo & End)
16. Judgment Day (Alternate & Extended Solos)
17. Fool For Your Loving (Alternate AOR Mix With CHR Intro)

Disc 2 : Slip Of The Tongue (The Wagging Tongue Edition) [2019 Remaster]
1. Slip Of The Tongue Interview
2. Slip Of The Tongue
3. Cheap An’ Nasty Interview
4. Cheap An’ Nasty
5. Fool For Your Loving Interview
6. Fool For Your Loving
7. Now You’re Gone Interview
8. Now You’re Gone
9. Kittens Got Claws Interview
10. Kittens Got Claws
11. Wings Of The Storm Interview
12. Wings Of The Storm
13. The Deeper The Love Interview
14. The Deeper The Love
15. Judgment Day Interview
16. Judgment Day
17. Slow Poke Music Interview
18. Slow Poke Music
19. Sailing Ships Interview
20. Sailing Ships
21. Closing Interview

Disc 3 : Slip Of The Tongue (Evolutions: Demos/Remixes/Re-records)
1. Slip Of The Tongue
2. Cheap An’ Nasty
3. Now You’re Gone
4. Judgment Day
5. Sailing Ships
6. Kittens Got Claws
7. The Deeper The Love
8. Wings Of The Storm
9. Slow Poke Music
10. Fool For Your Loving
11. Kill for the Cut
12. Parking Ticket
13. Sweet Lady Luck (Instrumental)

Disc 4 : Slip Of The Tongue (Monitor Mixes, April 1989)
1. Kittens Got Claws
2. Cheap An’ Nasty
3. The Deeper The Love
4. Judgment Day
5. Slow Poke Music
6. Now You’re Gone
7. Slip Of The Tongue
8. Fool For Your Loving
9. Wings Of The Storm
10. Sailing Ships
11. Sweet Lady Luck
12. Parking Ticket
13. Kill for The Cut (In Desperate Search Of A Melody)
14. Burning Heart
15. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More (Instrumental)
16. We Wish You Well

Disc 5 : A Trip To Granny’s House: Sessions Tapes, Wheezy Interludes & Jams
1. Slow Poke Music
2. Slip Of The Tongue
3. Judgment Day
4. Now You’re Gone
5. Wings Of The Storm
6. Sailing Ships
7. Liquor And Poker
8. Parking Ticket
9. Kill For The Cut
10. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
11. We Wish You Well
12. We Wish You Well (Instrumental)
13. Wheezy & Sometimes Very Naughty Interludes (Be Warned!)
14. Now You’re Gone (Revisited)
15. Death Disco
16. Whitesnake Boogie
17. Mike Clink’s Shoes Blues
18. Snake Shuffle (Instrumental)
19. Doodles
20. Dementia Polka
21. Kill For The Cut Blues
22. Cuban Heel Blues
23. Adje’s Blues

Disc 6 : Live At Donington 1990 [2019 Remaster]
1. Slip Of The Tongue
2. Slide It In
3. Judgment Day
4. Slow An’ Easy
5. Kittens Got Claws
6. Is This Love
7. Cheap An’ Nasty
8. Crying In The Rain
9. Fool For Your Loving
10. Here I Go Again
11. Bad Boys
12. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
13. Still Of The Night



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