STAGGERWING (Peo Pettersson) – Staggerwing (2019)

STAGGERWING (Peo Pettersson) - Staggerwing (2019) full

STAGGERWING is a new Swedish outfit featuring the talents of singer / songwriter Peo Pettersson (P.A.L., ex- Leviticus) and his long time friend Dan Boström (guitars), who worked with him on the classic AOR Peo solo debut “Look What I’ve Started” (1995).
However this time the musical focus is classic, traditional hard rock with abundant melody and even a pomp touch. Take a look at the album’s artwork (remember these?) and that’s give you an idea of Staggerwing’s sound: late ’70s Rainbow, Deep Purple, and classic early ’80s Whitesnake, complete with Hammond B3 runs et all.

The duo get joined on this self-titled debut release by their fellow countrymen Hakan Andersson (bass), Kjell Andersson (drums) and Axel Karlsson (keyboards, organ) all experienced musicians from the local scene.
“Moving On” opens with a bulb amp guitar circa 1982 and Peo’s classic rock style for the vocals, then sweet organ lines appear, and the bluesy chorus adds even more classic hard rock vibe to it.
It’s curious, but while “Staggerwing” production is ‘more vintage’, overall this album sounds like Europe’s last ‘Walk The Earth’.
“Won’t Let You In” is pure 1981 Whitesnake and love it, then ‘At The End Of Another Year’ is brighter, melodic midtempo and quite commercial.

For ‘No Man’s Land’ Bostrom takes the mic for lead vocals, and he susprises how good he sings, even better than Peo. These Swedes are all complete musicians, oh yeah.
‘Not Looking For Trouble’ but looking for some classy Deep Purple? Press play. ‘Cars’ is all about rockin’ fun and it’s more, let’s say 1988, while the soaring ‘Good Friends’ adds an AOR touch to the verses, and of course it’s a favorite of mine.

STAGGERWING (Peo Pettersson) inside

Peo and Dan Boström have always been supporters of the classic melodic rock sound and “Staggerwing” makes no exception of this rule. This classic stuff very well done, and the atmosphere of the genre / style around the early ’80s has been greatly achieved.
Highly Recommended


01. Moving On
02. Won’t Let You In
03. No Man’s Land
04. At The End Of Another Year
05. Not Looking For Trouble
06. Stay In The Shadows
07. Cars
08. Good Friends
09. We Sail In Time
10. In Control

Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar – Peo Pettersson
Guitar, Backing Vocals (Lead on 3) – Dan Bostrom
Bass, Backing Vocals (Lead on 9) – Hakan Andersson
Drums – Kjell Andersson
Organ, Keyboards – Axel Karlsson Kraft



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