SILENT CALL – Windows (2019)

SILENT CALL - Windows (2019) full

After three decades and three albums released to date, Swedish melodic metal / progressive greats SILENT CALL will release their new album “Windows” next October 11. The band announced this will be the last album of their career… a pity, but their farewell here is terrific, believe me.
Mixing power chords, keyboard runs and the impressive vocal pipes of Göran Nyström (which sounds more and more like Jorn Lande) “Windows” is just another terrific piece of top class catchy melodic prog metal.

While “Windows” still retains some of the European groovy hard rock undertones of the band’s previous albums, this is a much more proggy record yet extremely melodic. Silent Call is technical when needed but in a second they surprise you with a simple riff, or a sing-along chorus.

On some tracks such as ‘Faceless’ you’ll think about Ark, the former Jorn band, prog and at the same time melodic and embellished with clever keyboard arrangements. ‘Soulshaker’ is heavy like early Queensryche yet with a production sound (impeccable all over the LP) bringing to mind ’80s DIO. Add to that a punch and accessibility of projects like Allen / Lande.
With songs like ‘Shifting Shape’ you can’t help but love this band: this is a killer midtempo rocker with awesome soaring vocals, melodic riffs, grand pianos, and a guitar solo to die for.

And there’s much, much more to enjoy on “Windows’: always interesting arrangements and superb performances all the time at the service of the songs, which, by the way, are around the four and a half minutes.
If this is Silent Call’s final opus, it’s a fantastic way to say goodbye folks.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Faceless
02 – Soulshaker
03 – Imprisoned in Flesh
04 – Shifting Shape
05 – Among the Ruins
06 – Clouded Horizon
07 – The Unknown
08 – Hermetic
09 – Shedding Skin
10 – Damnation
11 – Invisible
12 – Bleeding Me Dry
13 – Eye of Destruction

Göran Nyström – vocals
Daniel Ekholm – guitar
Patrik Tornblom – keyboards
Tobbe Moen – bass
Mikael Kvist – drums



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