NO BROS – Export Of Hell (2019)

NO BROS - Export Of Hell (2019) full

Celebrating its 45th anniversary as a band, “Export Of Hell” is the new album by Austrian classic hard rockers NO BROS, always commanded by guitarist and concert promoter Klaus Schubert – also responsible of the Schubert In Rock project featuring awesome contributions by the likes of Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Martin, Biff Byford and more.
If you never heard about No Bros, don’t be confused by the album cover artwork / title as both doesn’t reflect the music inside: this is classic 70s/80s hard rock with a bluesy foundation akin Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc, complete with Hammond keyboards et all.

With a solid new vocalist aboard, the band open the new CD with the song “This Is No Bros” which starts out really bluesy and then build up groove, with lyrics about the band’s history and how what they think rock n’ roll is all about. More melodic hard oriented is “Love Or Hate Me” including some nice acoustics into the mix with a certain Scorpions feeling.
“Fade” is somewhat heavier, the bass is deeper, there’s some massive guitar riffs and the vocals stronger than before. Title track “Export Of Hell” continues with the heaviness, bringing back that 1984’s Euro sound.

“Ripped To Pieces,” takes the heaviness up several notches and delivers a thunderous roar, yet the melody and clean sound is the main focus of No Bros. Then “Alcohol And Bad Decisions” is a late 70s oriented party hard rock song driven by simple rocking guitars and some pretty cool keyboards, the drumming is pretty sick also, perfectly fitting with the song.

“Rainbow In The Dust” is a pretty wicked keyboard solo, with Hammond and synths creating that ‘Jon Lord atmospheres, followed by the stomping “Theater Of Dreams”, an old-school rocker with some magic on it.
Next No Bros has recorded two of their Eighties song again: “Holiday With HH” (1982) and “Black Maiden” (1983), both classic hard / metal with a style from the era, nicely updated still retaining the ’80s feel.

“Little Boy” is some kind of a metal ballad circa 1982 and I really enjoy this type of tunes, and for the end the up-tempo rocker “Thousand Years Of Austro Rock” features a lot of musician friends from the Austrian scene, who participate with all kinds of instruments / backing vocals. It’s pretty cool how it all is transitioned together, also including several techniques of guitar styles / solos, definitely a song worth checking out.

“Export Of Hell” is a collection of good, timeless classic hard rock songs filled with that classic guitar attack and Hammond-like keys.
These elder statesmen the Austrian scene have put together a solid, quality album of hard, blues-based rocking music that stands up very well to their long history and legacy. This is the type of music that has a very broad appeal for fans of heavy rock in general.
Highly enjoyable


01 – This is No Bros
02 – Love or Hate Me
03 – Fade
04 – Export of Hell
05 – Ripped to Pieces
06 – Alcohol and Bad Decisions
07 – Rainbows In The Dust
08 – Theatre of Dreams
09 – Way Down To The Edelweiss
10 – Black Maiden
11 – Holiday with Hh
12 – Little Boy
13 – Thousand Years of Austro Rock

Klaus Schubert – Guitars
Franz HeumAdele – Drums
Michael Ausserhofer – Bass
Andreas Brunner – Keyboards
Walt Stuefer – Vocals



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