MOTORHEAD – Overkill [40th Anniversary Remaster 2-CD unreleased material] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

MOTORHEAD - Overkill [40th Anniversary Remaster 2-CD unreleased material] (2019) full

The early years of MOTORHEAD are getting a celebratory re-visitation for the 40th anniversary of the band’s classic albums Overkill and Bomber. Remember the time when bands released 2 albums the same year, and both good? This deluxe remastered reissue of “Overkill” includes a bonus disc with previously unreleased material.

For Motörhead, 1979 was a vital year that saw the band release two of its heaviest and most definitive albums.
I don’t need to review “Overkill” the album, it’s a 5 star Rock classic, arguably Motörhead’s best LP, with an inspired Lemmy and “Fast” Eddie Clarke delivering killer hot solos. The remaster is clean and potent.

Regarding the bonus disc, it’s a very good one. Early Motörhead live recordings can be very shoddy and the band have been exploited with many badly recorded live albums like “Blitzkrieg On Birmingham 1977”.

The good news in the show included here – Live at Aylesbury Friars, 31st March 1979 – is a very good sounding recording, almost to the point that you wonder where it has been shelved for 40 years.
It’s great to hear an up-and-coming Motörhead playing these songs when they were still fresh. The Kilminster / Clarke / Taylor line up was really special and there is plenty of fun onstage banter.
Killer classic stuff.

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Disc 1 – Overkill remastered
01 – Overkill
02 – Stay Clean
03 – (I Won’t) Pay Your Price
04 – I’ll Be Your Sister
05 – Capricorn
06 – No Class
07 – Damage Case
08 – Tear Ya Down
09 – Metropolis
10 – Limb from Limb

Disc 2 – Live at Aylesbury Friars, 31st March 1979
01 – Overkill
02 – Stay Clean
03 – Keep Us On the Road
04 – No Class
05 – Leaving Here
06 – Iron Horse / Born to Lose
07 – Metropolis
08 – The Watcher
09 – Damage Case
10 – (I Won’t) Pay Your Price
11 – Capricorn
12 – Too Late, Too Late
13 – I’ll Be Your Sister
14 – I’m Your Witchdoctor
15 – Train Kept A-Rollin’
16 – Limb from Limb
17 – White Line Fever
18 – Motörhead

Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister – Vocals, Bass
“Fast” Eddie Clarke – Guitars
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor – Drums



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