LYNAM – Halfway To Hell [Lion’s Pride Deluxe Edition] (2016) *EXCLUSIVE*

LYNAM - Halfway To Hell [Lion's Pride Deluxe Edition] (2016) full

This one was requested by one of you: LYNAM‘s “Halfway To Hell [Deluxe Edition]”, an European only release exclusively on CD by Lion’s Pride in partnership with Comeback Media (formerly YesterRock). This is the first time Lynam music appears outside their native USA, where they release their albums by themselves.
Fronted by Jacob Bunton – who has also been the lead vocalist in Steve Adler’s band Adler and sung on a Gus G’s album – Lynam is a quite unique band; not only hails from an unusual State for rock ‘n roll (Alabama), they’re also fighting in the independent modern rock chart for more than 15 years insisting on imposing their ’80s glammy look and feel. Just check their apparel… you need to have a strong personality to wear that spandex stuff nowadays.

Musically, talking about modern hard rock Lynam is a different beast as well: their songs are embedded with a steady dose of Eighties / early Nineties elements. It’s like a mix Sixx:AM, Hinder, Crashdiet, Motley Crue, Lynch’s Mob and Def Leppard.
In 2001 singer and guitarist Jacob Bunton, following the demise of his previous band, Mars Electric, hooked up with drummer David Lynam, taking the sticksman’s surname as the new Alabama outfit’s moniker.

Between 2002 and 2004 Lynam self-released three albums, but it was in ’08 with ‘Tragic City Symphony’ that found the band on the receiving end of some pretty commendable press, sales and attention.
Then frontman Jacob Bunton joined up with ex- Guns ‘N Roses drummer Steven Adler to form the band ADLER, recording the very good CD ‘Back From The Dead’. But Bunton soon returned to Lynam, bringing the quite good guitarist Lonny Paul with him.

Lynam’s songs clock around the 3 minute mark, giving you the idea that the band wants to rock you straight to the point. “Rise Up” rides in on a stadium-sized riff – from the days when stadiums echoed with the sounds of great rock bands, of course, not today’s sanitized drivel. Gang backing vocals, a monster groove and a killer guitar solo are the motto here. Great rocker.

Title track is molded around another memorable piece of guitar work and melody, a perfect amalgam of those bands who tried to keep the cock rock boat afloat, and those bands that try to bring back the ‘real’ rock to modern radio.

“Dead Man’s Parade” offers, possibly, a lyrical tip of the hat to those happier to get wasted than adored, fusing a cool hook to a darker, broodier aesthetic ala Sixx:A.M. but much more melodic, before “Cold” takes that blueprint even further, with a whiff of an Eighties sound popping out of the darkness every now and then to shine.
“Store Bought Halo” is the bonafide ass-kicker on offer here only on 1:50 minutes; high octane guitar mixing with skyscraping vocals to devastating effect, the ‘na-na-nah’ backing vocals icing on the cake that you’ll do well, upon listening, to not gorge yourself on until you’re sick.

“Wrong Side Of The Grave” has a ‘melodic’ Bunton doing some swagger on a song that rips it out with a massive riff and gorgeous hook, blasting drums and those modern-day Def Leppard backing vocals that the band appeared obsessed with on their last record finally making an appearance, this time only adding to rather than distracting from the listening experience.
You can hear some modern day 2000’s Def Leppard pomp of “Tanis”, and some brighter moments from the band’s past in the Lit-like power pop rock of “Lindsay Says”.

Then there’s a modern rock oriented power ballad in “Just Say Anything”, but my favorite from the entire CD is the massive “Is This Is A Heartbreak Or A Loaded Gun”, complete with Mutt Lange-esque gang vocal chorus fit to grace any classic album from Def Leppard.

LYNAM - Halfway To Hell [Lion's Pride Deluxe Edition] (2016) back

“Halfway To Hell [Lion’s Pride Deluxe Edition]” has all the ingredients to appeal old and young listeners and packs all the attributes of a winning record: catchy short songs, addictive choruses, attitude. Modern but with more than wink to past decades.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Rise Up
02 – Halfway To Hell
03 – Dead Mans Parade
04 – Cold
05 – Store Bought Halo
06 – Wrong Side Of The Grave
07 – Save Your Soul
08 – Lindsay Says
09 – Just Say Anything
10 – Tanis
11 – Is This A Heartbreak Or A Loaded Gun

Jacob Bunton (lead vocals, guitar)
David Lynam (drums, vocals)
Cody Elliott (bass, vocals)
Lonny Paul (guitar, vocals)



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