KEEL – The Right To Rock [Anniversary Edition remastered +2]

KEEL - The Right To Rock [Anniversary Edition remastered +2] full

KEEL‘s “The Right To Rock Anniversary Edition remastered” was released by Frontiers Music alongside their comeback album Streets Of Rock & Roll, and it was requested by a reader of this blog to check the remastering job and the featured two bonus tracks.

“The Right To Rock” was the second studio album by Keel and the one that marked the band’s explosion into the ’80s US Hard rock / metal scene.
Now, listening the record in perspective, one wonders why Keel didn’t make the step up to the big league back in the day. It was a quite successful album reaching # 99 in the Billboard 200, but the band never went massive.
They certainly had a lot of things going in the ’80s – Gene Simmons in the producer’s chair, support slots on major tours, an ass-kicker of a music video – but platinum album sells did not happened.

Every band of this ilk needed an anthem, a call to arms, and Keel got it in the opening title track, an anthemic, fists-in-the-air classic rock classic and reason enough alone for you to buy this album. Catchy guitar riffs from Marc Ferrari and screaming vocals from Ron Keel and most importantly with songs of this era an arena-ready chorus line that would have crowds punching fists in the air in time to the words ‘The Right To Rock’. Keel really could never have gone wrong with this song.

Want more reasons? ‘Back To The City’, ‘Electric Love’ – songs that belong in another age or in your record collection? Swallow your pride, stop pretending that you are too cool to enjoy this music and slap this disc in your death deck when you’re getting ready to go out and you are guaranteed to not be sleeping alone that night… or Gene Simmons will give you your money back!
There’s more winners in ‘Speed Demon’, ‘Get Down’ (which has a real Kiss feel to it), ‘You’re The Victim, (I’m The Crime)’ – honestly, there isn’t a bad track on this album.

The choice to cover the Rolling Stones song ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ could have been a dangerous one; let’s be honest, doing covers is a dangerous sport that can lose a band credit if it fails. But Keel pull it off with flair and even manage to propel this to one of the highlight spots on the album.
If you shed a little tear for the ’80s, when your troubles – and waistline – seemed much smaller, then this album is an essential purchase. A time capsule maybe, but a time capsule that just so happens to be rammed full of mullet-shaking rock anthems.

For the purists who already have this classic album on every format, there are a couple of reasons why this 25th Anniversary Edition is a must-have; there’s a remix of ‘Easier Said Than Done’ but, of more interest, a new version of the title track recorded with the reunited line-up – which replaces bassist Kenny Chaisson with Geno Arce – which, happily, it’s even better than the original.
For this new recording of the song ‘The Right To Rock’, Keel invited their fans to participate via the internet. Keelaholics could download a guide track, sing along with the chorus, and send in an MP3 to be blended with the all-star chorus of the song which also features Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Lez Warner (The Cult), Ron Mancuso (Beggars & Thieves) and other members of the Las Vegas Rock scene (even Graham Russell from Air Supply joined in!).

KEEL - The Right To Rock [Anniversary Edition remastered +2] back

Additionally, the remaster worked wonderfully, resulting in a more bright and punchy output. “The Right To Rock Anniversary Edition remastered” sounds million bucks.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Right To Rock
02 – Back To The City
03 – Let’s Spend The Night Together
04 – Easier Said Than Done
05 – So Many Girls, So Little Time
06 – Electric Love
07 – Speed Demon
08 – Get Down
09 – You’re The Victim (I’m The Crime)
10 – Easier Said Than Done (Remix)
11 – The Right To Rock (Reunion Version)

Ron Keel – vocals and guitar
Marc Ferrari – guitar and vocals
Bryan Jay – guitar and vocals
Kenny Chaisson – bass and vocals
Steve Riley – drums and vocals
Produced by Gene Simmons



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