DANTE FOX – The Roots of Great White 1978-1982 (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

DANTE FOX - The Roots of Great White 1978-1982 (2019) *EXCLUSIVE* full

From the vault of powerhouse vocalist Jack Russell comes this almost lost gem of recordings featuring Russell’s earliest recorded collaborations with guitarist Mark Kendall, which formed the foundation of ’80s hard rock icons Great White. The band was called DANTE FOX, and “The Roots of Great White 1978-1982“, to be released soon on CD & LP, compiles all these recordings.

Alongside song ideas and demos, “The Roots of Great White 1978-1982” includes songs that would eventually find their way onto Great White’s 1984 self-titled debut album such as “In Love” (later re-written as “On Your Knees”) and “Money” (later rewritten as “Stick It”).

It’s very, very interesting to hear how these songs evolved until its final form. Dante Fox sounds raw & heavy, however bluesy as Russell and Kendall always were.
Some tracks here are unfinished songs, but darn good, and I scratch my head thinking why they didn’t continued with the idea and round up the song with complete arrangements.

This Dante Fox’s material is a piece of history, mandatory for Great White fans and a must for ’80s US hard rock aficionados. These recordings are testimony of the boiling, rising hard rock scene in America, and are very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended

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01 – In Love
02 – Last Time
03 – Motor Love
04 – Money
05 – Head over Heels
06 – There’s No Way
07 – Front Row Girl
08 – The Strike
09 – Bead in the Rain
10 – Lonnie Never Lied
11 – Stay Away
12 – Need Your Love
13 – On the Run
14 – She’s Got Fever
15 – Calling You
16 – Space Age Rock
17 – The Blues

Jack Russell (vocals)
Mark Kendall (guitar)
Don Costa (bass)
Tony Richards (drums)
Loren Black (bass)
Gary Holland (drums)



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