DANGER ZONE – Don’t Count On Heroes (2019)

DANGER ZONE - Don't Count On Heroes (2019) full

Italian Eighties cult Melodic Rock band DANGER ZONE will release their new album “Don’t Count On Heroes” on October 18 via Pride & Joy Music.
The group centered around guitarist Roberto Priori successfully continue delivering that classy songwriting style for the genre adding edgy AOR touches to their sound, at places compared with the new wave of Scandinavian Melodic / Hard. And simply put, “Don’t Count On Heroes” is their best album to date, rich in sumptuous melodies & harmonies.

Last year Danger Zone started to write the new songs with the help of Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) y Michele Luppi (Whitesnake), who also recorded some keyboards / synths for the album. So expect finely crafted / arranged songs with attention to detail, resulting into the most complete album from the band to date.

Indeed, not only the sound design in “Don’t Count On Heroes” is pristine and bright with all that necessary shine the genre needs, but also one of the strengths on this platter is the solid songwriting.
Add to that tight musicianship and Giacomo Gigantelli’s remarkable vocal range (basically no accent all over, and you have a winner here.

There isn’t a weak song for me, being some highlights the joyful ‘Faster Than Love’, the edgy AOR of ‘Somewhere out of Time’ (much in the W.E.T. vein), mid-paced ‘Destiny’ and its compelling melody / chorus with a little ’80 British feel (think Virginia Wolf) or the great ballad ‘Eternity’.

‘Hang on to Your Heart’ is just another brilliant melodic rocker with fantastic verses, ‘Forever Now’ is just another ballad but this time strongly influenced by Journey / The Storm, and I ove it.
But as said, all songs are very good, and you only can expect a melodic tune after another.

DANGER ZONE - Don't Count On Heroes (2019) back

Danger Zone are releasing their magnum opus with “Don’t Count On Heroes”. It’s one of the best Melodic Hard Rock / AOR albums of the year so far, and will rank high into everyone’s Best Of list for 2019.
It’s that good, if you’re a sucker for the ’80s sound of the genre with an updated touch (read Scandinavian scene) this is a must.


01 – Demon or Saint
02 – Faster Than Love
03 – Somewhere out of Time
04 – Destiny
05 – Down to Passion
06 – Rise Again
07 – Hang on to Your Heart
08 – Forever Now
09 – Rolling Thunder
10 – Breakaway
11 – Eternity

Giacomo Gigantelli – Vocals
Roberto Priori – Guitars
Danilo Faggiolino – Guitars
Matteo Minghetti – Bass
Pier Mazzini – Keyboards
Paolo Palmieri – Drums
Michele Luppi – guest Keyboards



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