THE REMBRANDTS – Via Satellite (2019)

THE REMBRANDTS - Via Satellite (2019) full

Early Nineties power Rock&pop favorites THE REMBRANDTS – Danny Wilde and Phil Solem – return with their first new album in eighteen years titled “Via Satellite”. Forever known to many for the hit ‘I’ll Be There For You’ from the US TV hit series ‘Friends’, however they are much more than just that one song as the ten songs on here show they have plenty of musical treats to share.

‘Broken Toy’ is unsurprisingly a lead single off the album, a song where you can almost feel the sunshine and happiness coming from the music. Like all the songs on the album it features those gorgeous guitar chords beloved of The Rembrandts.
To be fair any of the tunes on here would be staples of daytime radio if only the majority of radio stations moved away from rigid playlists.

Once mentioned by Yngwie Malmsteen as one of his guilty pleasures (yes, believe it or not) into The Rembrandts’ music there is a definite spirit of American classic rock such as ‘Travelling From Home’ and ‘Now’. The latter features pedal steel guitar and gentle jangly guitars, add in crystal clear production and you have a classy piece of American rock&pop.
Then the nice Beatles inspired vibe on ‘You’d Think I Know’ is a perfect example of how both Wilde’s and Solem’s voices meld together to create melodic pop catchiness.

THE REMBRANDTS - Via Satellite (2019) back

Filled with melodies that are charming enough upon first listen but seem stronger upon repeats, “Via Satellite” is that kind of albums that makes you feel good.
They maybe not the most prolific of artists but when they do write and record together they hit the spot.
Well worth the wait to hear these new tunes although please don’t leave it as long next time please!
Highly Recommended


01 – How Far Would You Go
02 – Broken Toy
03 – Me and Fate
04 – Count on You
05 – Traveling from Home
06 – Come To Californ-I-Yay
07 – Now
08 – Off of the Edge
09 – You’d Think I’d Know
10 – On My Own

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards – Danny Wilde, Phil Solem
Drums – Dorian Crozier
Keyboards – Dave Schulz
Guitar – Matt Downs
Mellotron on 6 – John Fields
Backing Vocals – Holly Marilyn Solem



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