THE IDES OF MARCH (Jim Peterik) – Play On (2019)

THE IDES OF MARCH (Jim Peterik) - Play On (2019) full

Over the past 55 years, Chicago’s own THE IDES OF MARCH have earned their place in Rock history with their stirring brass-driven platinum hit ‘Vehicle’. Ides singer/guitarist Jim Peterik, who wrote and sang that listener favorite, went on to co-write numerous other Top Ten smashes, including ‘Hold On Loosely’ for .38 Special, and ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ for Survivor. His songwriting has garnered Jim a Grammy, a People s Choice Award, and an Oscar nomination.
Now comes the Ides new album “Play On” with 14 fresh songs, drawing on the wide variety of genres the Ides have mastered over their 55 year career. CD Contains 15 tracks including the classic original single release of “Vehicle” as bonus.

Jim Peterik reached deep into his talent, bringing together and intermingling the influences and directions responsible for so many hit tunes, sometimes composing with fellow members of the Ides, and selected hit writers to create this collection that showcases the wide range of musicianship inherent in the band.
Of course, ‘Play On’ features the trademark Brass sound responsible for Vehicle s continued rotation on radio stations worldwide.
As important to their identity are their skillful vocal harmonies, which leap from a sweet simmer to incendiary intensity. These vocals are heard in every ‘Play On’ song.

Hit producer Fred Mollin drew the best out of the 8-man group which includes the four original members, who came together in 1964.
The Ides chose to invite several of their Superstar friends to celebrate their 55-year musical journey. Mark Farner, original lead singer and guitarist of Grand Funk, lends his distinctive voice and lead guitar to the hard-rocking ‘Swagger’.
Blues superstar guitarist Joe Bonamassa weaves tasty licks throughout ‘The Cover Up’.
Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship shares an impassioned duet with Jim on ‘Blue Storm Rising’, while Bo Bice of American Idol and Blood Sweat & Tears fame tears it up on ‘Love Or Something Like It’.

David Pack, former lead singer of Ambrosia, pairs with Jim for an exquisite duet on ‘A Song About Mary’. Sax phenom Mindi Abair adds her unique style to ‘Friends Like You’. Paul Shaffer of David Letterman’s Band contributes a cool electric piano vibe to ‘Rule Of Three’.
Completing the celebrity guest roster is Tom Toad Doody of fellow Chicago favorites The Cryan Shames, whose heartfelt voice graces ‘Cornerstone’. Six more songs with the Ides flying solo round out the powerful album.

As a bonus track, the original Warner Brothers single of ‘Vehicle’ is included on the CD.
‘Play On’ is a career-defining moment for The Ides Of March. It’s Jim Peterik and his love for classic rock sounds and melodies.
Their sheer love of music is the engine driving this machine, and has powered it onstage and in the recording studio for 55 years. The Bard Of Avon inspired the Ides name, and a paraphrase of his immortal Twelfth Night couplet provides the guiding light of this fine new album: If Music Is The Wine Of Love… Play On!


01. Play On
02. Blue Storm Rising (feat Cathy Richardson)
03. This Miracle
04. Song About Mary
05. Swagger
06. Friends Like You
07. Rule of Three
08. First Day of Your Life
09. Too Far to Turn Around
10. Cornerstone
11. She
12. Love or Something Like It
13. The Cover Up
14. All the Way Home
15. Vehicle (bonus Vintage Track)

Jim Peterik – Guitar, Lead vocals
Larry Millas – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Bergland – Bass Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Mike Borch – Drums, Vocals
Scott May – Hammond organ, Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Bales, Steve Eisen, Henry Salgado – Horns

Special guests:
Mark Farner (former singer and guitarist of Grand Funk Railroad)
David Pack (former Ambrosia front man)
Paul Shaffer of David Letterman fame
Cathy Richardson (lead singer of Jefferson Starship)
Bo Bice (American Idol)
Tom Toad Doody (The Cryan Shames)
Joe Bonamassa



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