STEFFANIE – Pink Noise (2019 Remastered) *EXCLUSIVE*

STEFFANIE - Pink Noise (2019 Remastered) full

Both ’80s albums by Japanese / American vocalist STEFFANIE Borges has been remastered 2019. While she started her musical career in Japan, Steffanie’s music style was clearly US oriented, a blend of commercial hard rock & AOR with English lyrics and American musicians involved.
“Pink Noise” is Steffanie’s second solo album, and you can hear why later she replaced singer Keiko Terada within the all-female Japanese hard rock band Show-Ya, remaining in the band for six years.

“Pink Noise” has that typical mid-Eighties American hard rock / glam feel similar to Lita Ford, Heart, Fiona, etc around the era, and later developed by Vixen. However, Steffanie’s music has a little more bite, especially in the guitar work, with sharp riffs and swirling solos in a Van Halen vein.

All songs here are co-written by American musicians, so isn’t surprising to see Janet Gardner (Vixen) collaborating with the groovy melodic hard rocker ‘Break You Down’, or Lea Hart (Fastway) co-writting the punchy ‘Miles Away’ or the AORish ‘He Won’t Rock’.

Also expert JK Northrup (King Kobra, Shortino, Ted Poley) wrote the catchy ‘On the Run’ (some Dokken on it), ‘Breakout’ (very Lita Ford) and ‘She Wants Everything’. Opener ‘Burnin’ Up the Night’ is also among my favorites, with synths in the background and a very melodious chorus.
In the track list we find as well a cover of Alice Cooper’s classic ‘School’s Out’, and it’s fun to hear this song adapted for female vocals.

It’s easy to recommend: if you like ’80s US (melodic) hard rock female-fronted in the Vixen, Lita, Heart, etc style, you need to check out “Pink Noise”.

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01 – Burnin’ Up the Night (2019 Remastered)
02 – Miles Away (2019 Remastered)
03 – Break You Down (2019 Remastered)
04 – He Won’t Rock (2019 Remastered)
05 – Turn It Loud (2019 Remastered)
06 – School’s Out (2019 Remastered)
07 – No Hold on You (2019 Remastered)
08 – On the Run (2019 Remastered)
09 – Breakout (2019 Remastered)
10 – She Wants Everything (2019 Remastered)

Vocals – Steffanie
Guitar – Hideo Saitoh, Kenji Kitajima, Takayuki Hijikata, Tohru Aoyama
Keyboards – Masato Matsuda, Satoshi Nakamura
Bass – Kohki Itoh, Yasuo Tomikura
Drums – Atsunobu Yakabe, Jun Aoyama, Yutaka Uehara



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