SAINTS OF SIN – Saints Of Sin (2019)

SAINTS OF SIN - Saints Of Sin (2019) full

We were already impressed by British rockers SAINTS OF SIN first album and its highly infectious ’80s inspired tunes. Today they are releasing second effort – self-titled “Saints Of Sin” – showcasing a very welcomed evolution in their sound, still delivering anthemic rockers but with a modern sheen in the vein of H.E.A.T, Vega, or early Reckless Love to name a few.

With a knack for writing tracks that you just can’t help yourself bouncing, singing and smiling along to Saints Of Sin have produced a dynamic eleven-track second effort with nary a wasted moment upon its shiny surface.
Since the start, ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ shows a little twist, a broker rocker with a polished sound and some crazy arrangements. It feels like a New Wave Of Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock, but no, these guys are from South Coast of England.

Second track on the album ‘Heart Attack’ should be one of the best singles of the year: an ’80s fueled hair metal tune built in a 2019 patina – especially the guitar set up sound – full of massive backing vocals during the catchy chorus, and with a killer – terrific indeed – guitar solo.
Next, ‘Alive’ has a classic Eighties multi-layered harmonies / multi-track production, but despite its highly melodic chorus, the verses are groovy. Similar to the first Reckless Love in essence, and I love it.

Another highlight for me is ‘We’re on Fire’, a melodious mid-paced rocker where the verses create atmosphere for the huge chorus akin Brother Firetribe, a song designed for the arenas. More anthemic melodies come with ‘Cryin’ Eyes’, the twisted ‘Nasty Love’, and the punchy ‘Stars in the Sky’, with some The Poodles on it.

All is balanced by the smooth ‘Forever’, a well thought ballad escaping the cliche, then Saints Of Sin shows another side with the bluesy based – still modern in production – ‘Fame’.
After that, the band surprise you again with the piano based slow tune of ‘The End of Time’, where the clear voice of Rui Brito finds place to shine. Solid lyrics too.

In many ways, with their new self-titled album Saints Of Sin brings a breathe of fresh air to the current melodic hard rock scene. You can argue they joined the wagon of the current expression of the genre developed by the bands mentioned above – particularly from the Scandinavian scene – but they have something special, both in sound and songwriting, plus the way they arrange the vocal harmonies (all members contribute).
If properly managed, Saints Of Sin has the potential to make it big.
Highly Recommended


01. The Big Bad Wolf
02. Heart Attack
03. Alive
04. Cryin’ Eyes
05. Forever
06. Nasty Love
07. We’re on Fire
08. Stars in the Sky
09. Fame
10. The End of Time
11. The Living Dead

Rui Brito – Lead Vocals
Marcus Sparxx Jenkins – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ashley Jenkins – Bass, Backing Vocals
Josh Rose – Drums, Backing Vocals



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