QUIET RIOT – Metal Health [Rock Candy remastered +5]

QUIET RIOT - Metal Health [Rock Candy remaster] full bonus tracks

Rock Candy Records has remastered all the ’80s recorded QUIET RIOT albums some time ago, and as repeatedly requested, we will present all of them here on this blog.
Here it is the famous, worldwide chart cracker “Metal Health”, remastered and with a bunch of bonus tracks, now featured here in a high quality accurate rip.

With “Metal Health”, Quiet Riot exploded as the frontrunners in a movement which would transform the American charts from new wave to metal, and sway the rock pendulum away from British heavy metal to American hair metal
It’s easy to sit back now and feel that they made it on the back of covering a riotous (sic) Slade track “Come On Feel The Noize” – but with royalty cheques in hand Noddy Holder and Jim Lea were surely not complaining, and neither were the millions of people who bought the “Metal Health” album.
And at the last count there were over six million of them!

QUIET RIOT - Metal Health [Rock Candy remaster] full bonus tracks inside cover

Let’s not forget also that guitarist extraordinaire Randy Rhoads was once a member of the band before taking up a position in Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard Of Oz, blazing a trail for Carlos Cavazo, Frankie Banali, Rudy Sarzo and outrageous frontman Kevin DuBrow to muscle their way to gold and platinum.

Originally issued in 1983, “Metal Health” is a classic slice of American Hard Rock. “Come On Feel The Noize” went to #5 on the singles charts, while the parent album became the first, quote, unquote, Heavy Metal album to reach the top spot on the Billboard album charts.
MTV jumped aboard and played the daylights out of the band’s video for “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)” and the rest is history.

QUIET RIOT - Metal Health [Rock Candy remaster] full bonus tracks cd photo

The album, however, is much more than two hits, as other hard rocking tunes include the greasy “Slick Black Cadillac”, the burning “Love’s a Bitch”, the head banging “Let’s Get Crazy” and vocalist Kevin Dubrow’s tribute to Randy Rhoads “Thunderbird” making this a must-own and historical album.
In my opinion, the original ’80s CD edition sounds ‘noisy’, I mean, with some kind of ‘digital howling’ behind. Rock Candy’s treatment 24-bit remastering from original source tapes is quite clear and punchy.

Additionally, we have 5 bonus tracks including the unreleased studio track “Danger Zone”, plus the originally Japan-only release ‘Live Riot’, available on vinyl only.
A Must Have Classic


01 – Metal Health
02 – Cum On Feel The Noize
03 – Don’t Wanna Let You Go
04 – Slick Black Cadillac
05 – Love’s A Bitch
06 – Breathless
07 – Run For Cover
08 – Battle Axe
09 – Let’s Get Crazy
10 – Thunderbird
11 – Danger Zone (studio)
Live Riot EP / Japan Only:
12 – Metal Health (Live)
13 – Slick Black Cadillac (Live)
14 – Let’s Get Crazy (Live)
15 – Love’s A Bitch (Live)

Kevin DuBrow – lead vocals
Carlos Cavazo – guitars, backing vocals
Rudy Sarzo- bass, synthesizer
Frankie Banali – drums, backing vocals



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