OUTLASTED – Waiting For Daybreak (2019)

OUTLASTED - Waiting For Daybreak (2019) full
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“Waiting For Daybreak” is the just released second album by OUTLASTED, a band from Norway eager to bring back the classic AOR sound of ’80s. This sophomore album from the Scandinavian band is plenty of smooth melody and catchy arrangements all over the place. Now the songwriting is spread over most of the band which makes the record stylistically a bit more versatile – within the genre, of course.
Fans of ONE DESIRE, CREYE, STATE OF SALAZAR or CARE OF NIGHT can’t do wrong here.

Opener ‘All Because of You’ sounds surprisingly American to my ears, or better Canadian, but follower ‘Time Mends a Broken Heart’ is typical Scandi melodic rock, with its AOR synths, and classy refrains / chorus.
‘The radio ready ‘She’s the One’ has some STAGE DOLLS on it, more guitar based, and the ballad arrives with ‘Lighthouse’, in the vein of the last WORK OF ART album.

‘Owner of My Heart’ is another cut with a Scandinavian feeling and atmosphere, the AOR of ‘Chains of Destiny’ is a slightly modern and I like its pulse, while more reminiscent Norwegian sounds (DALTON) are all over the strong mid-tempo ‘Come Hell or High Water’.

These guys in OUTLASTED grew up listening to classic AOR / Melodic Rock albums, and “Waiting For Daybreak” is a proof of that. You can tell this is a Scandinavian band since the first note, however there’s influences from US, Canada and UK famous acts from the genre as well.
Highly Recommended


01. All Because of You
02. Time Mends a Broken Heart
03. She’s the One
04. Lighthouse
05. Learning to Live Again
06. Owner of My Heart
07. Chains of Destiny
08. Come Hell or High Water
09. Jane’s Got a Lover
10. After All These Years

Glenn Wikran – Vocals
Terje Fløyli – Guitars
Odd-Børge Hansen – Piano, keyboards
Lasse Ingebrigtsen – Bass
Andreas Jentof – Drums



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    Mr. Andrew McNeice is the SUPERMAN from AUSTRALIA!!! 🙂 He was always so stupid and pathetic at the same time… 🙂 Laughter!!! Laughter!!! Laughter!!!

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    That’s a pity. I use this website to download and listen to the full albums before buying them. If I can’t listen to them, I won’t buy them. So the probably lost one sale this way…

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    A sad case of a poor man who doesn’t understand the business. We already traded homemade cassettes back in 1981, and that ruined labels? It’s 2019 man, grow up

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    I am from Mexico, for me it is practically impossible to get these CDs in physical format. First I listen to the digital format, the economy does not give to buy CDs that end up not liking me, a pre-listener gives me the verdict if a CD is worth buying, (To make the effort and buy it) I am sorry, I am that demanding.

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    What is the difference between ripping a Youtube concert/collection of demos/b-sides and placing it in an exclusive download paid area of ​​a particular site, and what does 0dayrox? Yes, the sound quality of 0dayrox archives is always top notch.

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