MARK BAKER – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (2019)

MARK BAKER - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (2019) full
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Titled “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be”, this album is a compilation of MARK BAKER’s songwriter demos from the 80s and 90s, featuring various singers, including Mark Free (Signal, King Kobra), James Christian (House Of Lords) and Bill Champlin (Chicago). The tracks come from DAT tapes which have been remastered by JK Northrup.
The name Mark Baker may not be immediately recognizable to many, but he is the man behind the classic Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ album as well as many other songs for the likes of .38 Special, Triumph and Boulevard. He was also the main co-writer on House Of Lords’ ‘Demons Down’ album.

Mark Free shows his singing prowess on ‘Someday You’re Gonna Love Someone’ (also track down the Snake Charmer album with this one where Goran Edman is the vocalist), an 80’s movie soundtrack tune if ever there was one in ‘Superhero’ and ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’, a song to crank up on a warm summer’s day. All the songs featuring Mark Free on here will delight fans of his singing.

Then we have the songs featuring James Christian including ‘Demons Down’ from the House Of Lords album of the same name, plus a couple off his ‘Rude Awakening’ album – ‘Cold Day In Hell’ and ‘Better Days’. The latter one of James Christian’s best solo songs in my book.

Also on the album are an Alias song ‘X T C O I’ with Freddy Curci on vocals and a real AOR treat on ‘Dream On Little Dreamer’, featuring Bill Champlin. This one would have been all over the airwaves back in the day.

This is pretty damn essential listening for lovers of 80s melodic rock, especially if you have the Signal album or any of the first three House Of Lords albums in your collection.
The sound on these songs is certainly better quality than you would be expecting given that these are demos.


01 – Nobody Gets Out Alive (Mark Free)
02 – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (Mark Free)
03 – Demons Down (Demo Version) (James Christian)
04 – No Pleasure Without The Pain (Demo) (James Christian)
05 – Someday You’re Gonna Love Someone (Mark Free)
06 – A Little Too Much (Mark Free)
07 – First To Cry (Mark Free)
08 – What Did You Do (Mark Free)
09 – Nothin’ (Mark Free)
10 – Dream On Little Dreamer (Bill Champlin)
11 – Give A Little (Vocalsist Unknown)
12 – Cold Day In Hell (James Christian)
13 – Questions Of The Heart (Gary O)
14 – Brighter Day (James Christian)
15 – Only Young (Vocalist Unknown)
16 – Runaway (Mark Free)
17 – Superhero (Mark Free)
18 – X T C O I (Freddy Curci)



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