LeBROCK – Takes All Night / Bright Lights (2019) + Real Thing (Remastered & Expanded)

LeBROCK - Takes All Night / Bright Lights (2019) + Real Thing (Remastered & Expanded) full

Synthwave’s foremost rockers LeBROCK are back with one of their most powerful tracks to date. Simultaneously epic and intimate, “Takes All Night” pairs dream-like synths and robust guitar chords with a heartfelt vocal performance that will keep listeners glued to their speakers. Released today Aug 9, “Takes All Night” follows on the heels of “Bright Lights” (May 21) and the singles pave the way toward the group’s next major release. Additionally, LeBrock has released a Remastered & Expanded version of their marvelous last full length “Real Thing”.

Both new songs bring the act’s signature melodic hard rock sensibilities to spirited creations that never back down, and they signal big things to come from LeBrock.
The compositions are packed with inspired touches, from percussive accents and hand claps to a vigorous guitar solos, revealing the pair of artists that form LeBrock – Shaun Phillips & Michael Meadows- at the top of their game.

LeBROCK - Bright Lights (2019)

“Real Thing”, appeared last year and highly praised by this blog, has been revised, slightly remixed and fully remastered, and now includes as extra the instrumental versions of the songs, plus new cover artwork.
“Real Thing” showcased a more mature LeBrock. While the synths are still the core of the sound, now as whole the music feels more organic, like a ‘full band’ with a ‘song format’ focus.

LeBROCK - Real Thing (Remastered & Expanded)

I really love LeBrock.
They blend like-no other ’80s culture / sound with a timeless AOR / Melodic rock approach.
Simply these guys can’t write a bad song, all are pure gold.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Takes All Night (2019 single)
02 – Takes All Night (Instrumental)
03 – Bright Lights (2019 single)
04 – Bright Lights (Instrumental)

Real Thing [Remastered & Expanded]:
05 – Real Thing
06 – Please Don’t Cry
07 – Runaway
08 – Only the Brave
09 – Juice (feat Ultraboss)
10 – Real Thing (Instrumental)
11 – Please Don’t Cry (Instrumental)
12 – Runaway (Instrumental)
13 – Only the Brave (Instrumental)
14 – Juice (Instrumental)

Vocals – Shaun Phillips
Guitars, Synths & Programming – Michael Meadows
Guitar Solo on 5, 6, performed by Ultraboss



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  1. Neil Tudor says:

    Wow the two new tracks are awesome…. a challenge to “TheMidnight” I think..whose last album was er…so so!!

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