LEAVING EDEN – The Agony Of Affliction (2019)

LEAVING EDEN - The Agony Of Affliction (2019) full

Tomorrow appears “The Agony Of Affliction“, the new album by LEAVING EDEN. Fronted by the Charismatic female lead vocalist Eve the band has shared the stage with top names in the business. With this new CD the band hope a world wide expansion. There’s 2 great things about this album: the band’s modern sound is spiced with classic hard rock touches, and all the songs are around the 3-minute mark, making it instantly enjoyable.


01. Pacing Dogs
02. The Agony of Affliction
03. The Man I Want to Be
04. Take on Me
05. Shame Disgrace
06. Deep
07. Wicked Mind
08. Pothead
09. Take Me out of Here
10. The Shadows of Darkness

Eve ~ Vocals
Eric Gynan ~ Guitar, Bass & Vocals
Ryan PM ~ Drums, Synths, Programming


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