JUNKYARD – Junkyard [CD reissue 2017]

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One of you asked for JUNKYARD‘s cult classic debut “Junkyard“, particularly this reissue CD version because the original edition was pretty flat in terms of sound output. Well, the dynamics in this “Junkyard reissue” are excellent, in fact, it almost feels like a remastered version (though is not).

Junkyard’s current style is much more raw at places than this polished 1989 self-titled debut, so if you didn’t liked their recent album but love that classic ’80s L.A. hard rock sound, you better get a copy (if you find it) of this reissue.
Yeah, “Junkyard” is a terrific slab of ’80s Sunset Strip hard rock.

Listed among the 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine, in fact “Junkyard” has very few points in common with the Hair Metal movement.
They were a little harder and a little uglier, but still catchy, groovy and party-ready. Often compared with the very first Guns N’ Roses (Appetite For Destruction and earlier era) on their debut Junkyard comprised 10 killer tracks with no filler in sight.

“Blooze” starts things off with a frenetic rock and roll assault, then “Hot Rod” is a fun tune with a head-bopping tempo before the instantly memorable “Simple Man” – shot full of grit and heavy on the bluesy hard style – appears as the first highlight. This is a rock’n’roll classic that should be in every library; it’s heartfelt, self-aware, hits all the right buttons, and makes you want to play electric guitar.
“Shot In The Dark” (not to be confused with the Ozzy song of a few years before) is another rocker heavy on the groove in a great sleazy style.

“Hollywood” is another winner, holds it’s own with a driving rhythm and catchy riffs; “Life Sentence” is great for getting into the zone – driving, working out, or whatever you’re doing – and is followed nicely by the greasy, slow, atmospheric “Long Way From Home.”
“Can’t Hold Back” and “Texas” pick up the pace again and keep things moving nicely until the final song — another true gem and great closeout — the greatly constructed “Hands Off,” which has the perfect balance of slow, methodical progression to a hard-rocking crescendo of distortion, intensity, melancholy and heart, of both the song and the album.

JUNKYARD - Junkyard [CD reissue] back

This Junkyard first album may not have reached the audience and had the impact of Guns N’ Roses’ debut released on the same label (Geffen) two years before, but it was equally good.
Every song is a keeper with true hard rock substance, and production – handled by the great Tom Werman – is top notch.
As said, this reissue sound is excellent, and the album, as a whole, a killer compendium of the L.A. Hard Rock golden era. Despite of being reissued few years ago, the CD has become pretty hard to find again.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blooze
02 – Hot Rod
03 – Simple Man
04 – Shot In The Dark
05 – Hollywood
06 – Life Sentence
07 – Long Way Home
08 – Can’t Hold Back
09 – Texas
10 – Hands Off

David Roach – vocals and percussion
Chris Gates – lead and rhythm guitars
Brian Baker – lead and rhythm guitars
Clay Anthony – bass
Patrick Michael Muzingo – drums, percussion
Al Kooper – keyboards
Earl Slick – guest slide guitar
Tom Kelly, Bob Carlysle, John Purcell – backing vocals



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  1. Jay says:

    Would love a re-up of this great album. Thank you.

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks so much. Much appreciated.

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