HARLOW – Now And Then [Retrospect remastered release] Out Of Print

HARLOW - Now And Then [Retrospect remastered release] Out Of Print - full

After the recent Junkyard posts here, one of you asked for a related band from the era; HARLOW, and their “Now And Then” album. As its title implies, the disc includes 5 new songs recorded with the band reunited some years ago (Now), and remastered tracks from Harlow’s 1986 Greenworld Records release “We Do What We Wanna Do” (Then), when they shared stages at the Sunset Strip with bands like L.A Guns, Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat and more.

Harlow was formed in 1985 in Kansas City, Missouri. Mickey Kravitz, a singer with a vision to put together a glam band that the kids in Kansas City had never seen before crossed paths with local band The Bad Boyz who were looking for a new singer to write original music with to try a get signed.
He joined up with Hyland Church on guitar, guitarist Matt Cascio, drummer Mike Rubyor, and on bass, Gregg Hurla. The chemistry was evident and the new songs started flowing freely.

In the mid-Eighties Harlow moved to Hollywood, and played at all the Sunset Strip venues and clubs. Small label Greenworld Records showed interest and the group stated to record an EP produced by themselves and Mike Frasier engineering.
The early Motley Crue influenced ‘Easy So Easy’, the sleazy ‘We Do What We Wanna Do’, ‘Kill Or Be Killed’, ‘Teenage Love’, the riotous ‘Gotta Get Out’, and ‘I Love Girls’ were taped during these sessions.

The song ‘Rock The Box’ was added as a bonus cut – also featured into a ‘new bands’ compilation at the time – recorded after a long night of partying at a bar and inviting 20 or so people over to the studio to sing backup vocals.
Unfortunately, due to the politics of the business of music, their EP never was officially released. Here we have these ‘lost’ songs, remastered and cleaned.

HARLOW - Now And Then [Retrospect remastered release] back

The new, ‘Now’ tracks are much more polished both in style and sound. While still retaining the ’80s sleazy hard rock feel – ‘Pullin’ The Strings’ sounds like 1987’s Guns N’ Roses – songs such as ‘Brothers N’ Sisters’ or ‘Dance All Night’ are much more ‘classic rock’ oriented.
The fun mid-paced rocker “Fear On The Radio” features back-up vocals by Cherie Currie from The Runaways, quite similar to what LA Guns are doing right now.

“Now And Then” is out of print, with remaining CD copies being sold quite expensively.
A recommended slice of US sleazy rocking stuff from the bygone era.


01 – Pullin’ The Strings
02 – Fear On The Radio
03 – Brothers N’ Sisters
04 – Dance All Night
05 – What Am I Gonna Do About It
06 – Rock The Box
07 – Teenage Love
08 – We Do What We Wanna Do
09 – I Love Girls
10 – Easy So Easy
11 – Gotta Get Out
12 – Kill Or Be Killed
13 – Fear On The Radio (Bonus Mix)

Mickey Kravitz – vocals
Hyland Church – guitar
Matt Cascio – guitar
Gregg Hurla – bass
Mike Rubyor – drums
Cherie Currie – backing vocals on 2


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